Friday, July 29, 2016

Sleeping Bill

Yeah Bill, I know your feels. I couldn't deal with watching Hillary's rigged election speech either.
I just read it the next day. First I saw pictures of Chelsea and I am not sure who won the angelic daughter competition her or Ivanka?
Then there was the whole "stick it to the King" part of the speech, Oh, I get it Hillary, we all do. (did she really have to go there?)
One of the highlights was when she mentioned Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So revered by Bill Clinton, that he repealed The Banking Act if 1933 (known as Glass-Steagle) Roosevelt signed into law, to get the country back to recovery, where I've heard we are now! Happy Days are here again!
 Hillary also invoked a special Roosevelt platitude"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"
I don't care what she says. What would Roosevelt have done if his chairperson of the DNC rigged the election and suppressed the delegates for the competition? There was plenty of controversy around good old "Feather Duster" Roosevelt's election, he couldn't get his own campaign manager a seat at the convention, even though he was the chairman of the states Democratic Party. It's a good thing they didn't have emails back then. I think his third term looked more like a power grab than his first and we would never have another President sitting for a third term since.
This is video of the Bernie Sanders delegates walking out 2 nights ago. Last night, I did see some video on  a Sanders delegate Facebook page where the delegates seats were "reserved" so delegates couldn't sit in them, from Facebook;
If you scroll down Edens page, you will find a lot of shade thrown on the Bernie delegates. There isn't much from last night on Youtube, but I saw plenty on Facebook.
I am not a Sanders supporter, I don't have a dog in this fight. But I do know this election was rigged.
What is truly shocking is all the fear, fear, fear, of Trump, when we already have someone who is running, also, by any means necessary. Whoever thinks, she seems more "sane" than Trump should think again. She's already out of control, accepting a nomination rigged in her favor. Here's the rest of her speech, if you can stomach it;
I can't spend a beautiful Friday on Hillary, you shouldn't either.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ceiling Breaker Not A Change Maker

I was having some fun last night with this image of Hillary Clinton;
I was breaking this image down to explain what is going on here. When I saw this I thought about it for a long time. This is a very powerful image. None of it is random. Yes, I know, it's her breaking the glass ceiling, At least on the surface,
The first thing I noticed were those two glowing lights that looked like stars. It looks similar to a crown. The other thing is her use of the color red, We know the Chinese people revere the color
red, it is powerful to them. Red is a lucky color, red attracts wealth. If you think that only people in the US are watching these conventions you would be wrong. This is entertainment and I am sure people and leaders of other countries are having drinks and laughing at us, But I doubt they would laugh at this image.
Let's talk about the Egyptian Goddess Isis
 This Goddess represents the Mother Moon, faithfulness, love, inner beauty. I don''t know if this is what Hillary's consultants were going for, but ISIS is an archetype, she's like the original 'family values" Goddess, don't think for a minute, these people aren't aware that these archetypes exist in our subconscious. They know this. They use it to their advantage, that image of Hillary Clinton, disturbed me for a long time. When you look at when that screen explodes, that is a very aggressive, almost destructive symbology, It is a glass ceiling and it isn't. I immediately thought of the Goddess Kali, The Destroyer;
Take a good look at that necklace she's wearing, Did you see all those men on that glass ceiling? Think about it. Kali is the divine mother, she stands on her consort and he just lets her do whatever she wants. Sounds about right. She is the Goddess of time, creation, destruction and power. When I saw that screen "break" like that, this was the first thing I thought of, and yes Hillary probably already does have the power to destroy, like she destroyed Bernie Sanders campaign. I doubt Wasserman-Schultz came up with her plans in a vacuum. Hillary knew all about it and quite possible ordered it. She then elevated her cohort to an honorary chairperson. There were no consequences, She walks all over conventional rules and boundaries, destroying ethics and integrity, She does what she wants. I think it's funny no one worries about her getting the "nuclear codes" because I do.
What disturbed me the most about that image of Hillary, was the people that were standing below that screen where the holographic pieces were tumbling onto. I immediately thought, that is what happened to the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, everywhere our bombs go. She's telling you in that image that she might be a woman but don't think she can't make war like a man.
A lot of women are celebrating this historic moment, I am happy if women now feel they have a shot at being President, I just don't have any feelings about Hillary. We haven't had a lot of female leaders, we haven't had any in America, so you have to look at Margret Thatcher and what a treacherous woman she was, Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir, You could count them on one hand. That's why when we get a woman in an office like the President, ways of wielding power need to shift. We have a very violent country and we are seen as violent people. It needs to change and I think some feminine energy would benefit this country, I know the first thing I would do if I got in an office like that, I would make a giant works program to clean up this planet and if people wanted to go to other countries and help, I would pay for them to go there.
 I would make friends with every country we've been enemies with and create a Peace Foundation. Nato and the UN forget it, they have proven ineffective. Third thing is food insecurity. Every nation would be involved. Fourth is eliminate poverty first at home then everywhere. I would create a program called Poverty-Go. (lol)
I would have a Secretary of Art and we would have museums and galleries in every town. Also a Secretary of Music, with performers playing everywhere that people wanted to hear them, all government subsidized, so a starving artist would be a thing of the past. Starvation of any kind would be frowned on. Yeah, I mean no more starving models either, it's repulsive. We need to heal our sick culture with music and art, and books, there would be a Secretary of Books and Writing. This is just a start. Can you imagine the moaning and complaining about these ideas? Oh yeah, Pot would be legal nationally and I would shut down plastic and convert everything to hemp. I would shut down the banking industry, and every empty foreclosed home would be given back to the rightful owner, if they didn't want it, it would go to a homeless person, These are things, that I guarantee you won't see Hillary doing. She is not a visionary leader, Until we get someone thinking outside of the male dominated, aggressive, testosterone, adrenaline fueled paradigm I can guarantee that the "Change Maker" isn't going to change a thing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Change Maker"

More Like Money Maker
Where have I heard this before? "Change Maker" Did hope and change turn into "Change Maker?" Bill Clinton said Hillary was the best darn "Change Maker" he's ever known. Really? What has she ever changed? She wouldn't even get a divorce from her husband after he had multiple affairs. She voted to go to war with Iraq. She gave a disgraced DNC official an honorary chair in her campaign and that's a "Change Maker?' What kind of creepy double speak is that?
I only watched some of the livestreamed DNC, yesterday. I saw the Bernie delegates walk out of the convention. They feel betrayed and I don't blame them, in a way, but Bernie going all in with the Democrats was predicted long ago by Chris Hedges at Truthdig. I don't know how Bernie could start a revolution with a bang and then kind of slink away, telling everyone to vote for someone as slimey as Hillary. I don't know if there has ever been a time when two very disliked, unpopular people have run for president before. No one likes either of these choices. Yet this is the "choice" which isn't a choice at all.
It get's to the point where you can't listen to this garbage anymore.
I don't know how long the Democratic infomercial went on last night, I threw out my TV years ago.
The last thing I want to see is Chelsea Clinton and her Goldman Sachs hedge fund husband, clapping wildly, for her corrupt parents that foot the bill for her lifestyle. Now a bunch of Republicans have asked the IRS to investigate The Clinton Foundation. They have investigated this woman so many times, it's like she's Teflon. All the emails Wikileaks released did nothing, she just continues to get on with her agenda. I think it's kind of creepy that Hillary was in New York while everyone was in Philly nominating her, and she appeared like a disembodied apparition on video.
 In 2008 Barack Obama made a "surprise" appearance with Joe Biden when he was nominated. So I don't get why she wasn't there? What does that say? Was she tired and she needed to take a bath in her own bath tub the night she got nominated? It doesn't make sense that she wouldn't have run on stage and hugged Bill or whatever. I guess she was practicing her big speech for tonight, because she's a change maker and she's going to tell us all about the things she's going to change.
 It's a joke and from what I can see, She's alienated so many people. she is so out of touch. Hillary is not a likeable candidate, I really think they may have miscalculated, not understanding (or refusing to) and Bernie supporters will vote for Trump or flock to the Green Party's Jill Stein.
I can't imagine what she could possibly say to struggling Americans, who are angry and sick of the status quo, to make them believe she will be the Chief Maker OF Change "Change Maker" You think they'd want to get away from the whole "hope and change" thing since nothing did. It's not very clever and shows a lack of insight and creativity. Maybe that's the point. They don't have any.

Monday, July 25, 2016

If I Had A Hammer

 A Hail Mary 'Unity Commission" You don't say? A commission? How very Beltway in Philly! I guess this is going to be the bone they throw to all the angered Berners, because what happened in Philly, well it was kinda chaotic. In case you haven't seen it.
                The balls this woman had to think she could just go into that room and no one would say anything. This tells me so much about the attitudes these people have about average, little old you and me  Last night when I was blogging I couldn't believe she resigned, yet thought she was going to MC the whole DNC shindig. I was like why bother resigning? Obviously, you're not going anywhere. It was a joke. After this mornings angry Berners episode, I can't find her name on any of the lists for speakers and what not. So what black hole did she fall into? Well, a sweet job Hillary handed her to be the honorary chair of Hillary's 50 state campaign. Of course she accepted! No one can rig a campaign like this woman. We can't squander that kind of talent!
Anyway, then I saw that there was an apology letter written, saying; (This I lifted from The Guardian)
“On behalf of everyone at the DNC, we want to offer a deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic Party for the inexcusable remarks made over email,These comments do not reflect the values of the DNC or our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process. The DNC does not -- and will not -- tolerate disrespectful language exhibited toward our candidates. Individual staffers have also rightfully apologized for their comments, and the DNC is taking appropriate action to ensure it never happens again.
We are embarking on a convention today that — thanks to the great efforts of Secretary Clinton, her team, Senator Sanders, his team, and the entire Democratic Party — will show a forward-thinking and optimistic vision for America, as compared to the dark and pessimistic vision that the GOP presented last week in Cleveland. Our focus is on electing Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and Democrats across the country, thanks to Democratic Party that is strong, unified, and poised for victory in November.
Wait, I thought the Russians wrote all those emails? Why are they apologizing? 
Maybe it's me, but I am kind of curious, why did they not come out with this letter immediately?Because it's damage control! They couldn't pass off Wassup Wasserman this morning, so she disappeared and they thought they could make peace with their Lo Siento apology letter. I doubt that's going to work, because as I am typing, every time they mention Hillary's name in Philly, the booing starts. I really can't blame them. If I had spent time working on Bernie's campaign I would be pissed. Anyway, Cumbaya lets talk about the Unity Commission.
It looks as if there's a cunning plan to "review the delegate process." (If you read my last post I put the video of the Nevada debacle so you can see for yourself how corrupt the system is)  Anyway they are going to look at the Superdelegates too, isn't that just fine and dandy? This seems ripe to die in a chamber somewhere. I hope I am wrong but, I can't believe this will change a thing. Stuff just seems to get shifted around. There never seems to be consequences. Yeah, I know, what am I thinking? I'd just like to leave Wassup Wasserman with a parting gift, a little song from a long time ago, during another protest movement;
Tonight, Bernie Sanders will be speaking along with Cory Booker and Michelle Obama. I am sure Melania will be taking notes
*Update Berners are not co-operating with the Clinton Dynasty

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Corrupt House Of Clinton

Do you still think your vote counts? Is anyone wondering why or how Hillary Clinton is going to accept the nomination for the Democratic (LOL) Party as the presidential candidate? It's a joke. 
Last night I was chatting away about the Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 email dump.
Think back to that bizarre demonstration of weird that happened in Nevada I blogged about.
Makes you wonder where the orders came from to ignore the Bernie Sanders supporters, right?
What kind of travesty will happen tonight in my hometown of Philly? How can Hillary Clinton waltz up to to that podium with the knowledge that there was manipulation from the highest levels of the DNC?
Read these Wikileaks DNC emails about that convention;
This email blames Bernie Sanders and the Sanders delegates for the chaos of that day even though clearly, they shut the Sanders delegates down and didn't follow through on procedure.
Read here where Debby Wasserman Schultz actually talks about; ""The rules governing the Democratic Party delegate selection process have been in place for decades and the specific procedures for this cycle were agreed upon in 2014."
Rules for Bernie Sanders, but not for her. This woman rigged the primary and thanks to her, whatever you think of Trump, he's going to win. She destroyed what little good will some Sanders supporters had and were willing to hold their nose and vote for Clinton. 
What is even funnier is blaming "The Russians" for hacking the DNC emails. The reason for Schultz's resignation is eerily familiar, "failure to secure email servers
There is a promise from Julian Assange, that in two days he is going to release the 2nd part of the emails that will assure Hillary Clinton's arrest;
Seems like she will be poised to accept her ill gotten nomination, just as Assange releases more damning evidence of the corrupt House Of Clinton. 
Vote for Hillary, at least she's not as bad as Trump! Really?
Are we supposed to believe that Hillary didn't know anything about this? Where will Schultz go after this? To a lobby or to the corrupt money laundering Clinton Foundation? These leeches never leave D.C.
Just look at Debby's Facebook page; "Shout out to a fellow Democratic Party Chair today. I saw it firsthand when he handed the reins of our party over to me — working families have a champion in Tim Kaine."   Are we supposed to believe he's not full of crap? Seriously? He wasn't up to any dirty tricks before "she got the reins", ummm okay. This just reinforces my decision not to vote. It just doesn't matter, they will ram the candidates "they" choose down your throat, then you can "pick your poison." No thanks. How is it in a country as big as America we get these two pieces of garbage to vote for, Trump or Hillary? Whichever one is elected, the shadow government/ Military Industrial Complex, will sit them down and tell them how things are going to be. It's got nothing to do with the will of the people or voting.
 I think Debby Wasserman Schultz proved that.

Friday, July 22, 2016

"Stranger Things", The RNC And Cha Chi; "The Boy Who Drank too Much"

I really really wanted to watch the Republican National Convention. All the pageantry, patriotism and smart discourse from respected and respectable leaders. Just thinking about the policy debates and intelligent ideas on foreign policy and the economy, made me want to call Comcast and get a contract for a bundle costing as much as a monthly car payment. Just knowing the governor from my own home state of New Jersey, a place he's always too be busy to be, was almost enough to seal the deal. Until I found out there was going to be an installation fee for cable that was already installed, it's just my luck. I couldn't justify that outlay of cash. I couldn't make cable great again. Sigh.
Just thinking about all the single available men that would be attending the RNC, might have been enough to make me jump in my car and take a road trip to Cleveland, until I found out Craigs List Cleveland was exploding with M4M hook up ads requesting escorts and or "company." Why can't a girl ever catch a break? Oh well, nothings better than cozying up with my tablet, hopefully catching someone's livestream. There were plenty of opportunities for the lunacy.
In between streaming "Stranger Things" and the RNC, I am not sure which monster was scarier! "Stranger Things" has a monster in it that can *SPOILER ALERT* grab kids, or anyone I guess and take them into another dimension where it's very hard for their parents to find them. Weirdly enough, I felt like the RNC had transported me to another dimension too. A dimension where a scary sugar daddy type guy was going to make everything great again. His kids even said so! You have to believe kids right?
Eric and Andrew Trump & Friends Photo by
Especially when they are his advisers. These brave sons facing leopards and buffalo out in the wild. Well, you don't have to tell me about their courage under attack. Which makes them qualified to help their dad when it comes to making national security decisions, after all, they know what it's like to be in danger, when there's nothing but you and maybe five others to help out, but STILL it's YOU and a leopard, and it's not going to be the leopard that comes out on top. The son's of Trump aren't going to let leopards be great again. In a struggle against the wilds of nature, Trumps aren't going to get Trumped! It's the same in the wilds of Cleveland, where it was every politician for himself, I didn't see many women politicians, wait, were there any female politicians speaking? I wonder if they skipped it for "Stranger Things" and Chardonnay, but I digress.
I couldn't really watch much of Christie, he's scarier than that demon thing on "Stranger Things", with a bigger appetite. This is when it got almost as good as any scary movie when there's a witch that has to be dealt with. Like that movie, The Conjuring, witches are just plain scary and Christie must be pretty scared of Hillary's supernatural powers of evasion There was a lot of superstition and Ben Carson said the L word; Lucifer. That's scary alright. Next, I was wondering if someone was going to get out a Ouija board or call in an exorcist. Choices, choices. "Stranger Things" wasn't looking half as strange as what Cruz decided to do. He did not endorse Trump. Why? Because Trump hurt his "fee fee's" by saying mean things about his family. Once again,  the "L" word was trotted out by none other than, the retired to the Lake of Fire, John Boehner former Speaker of The House!
For me the highlight had to be my "Happy Day's" crush Scott Baio a/k/a Cha Chi, a/k/a 'The Boy Who Drank Too Much" It's okay Cha Chi, I would drink too much too with all that pressure! You can go here and play the fortune cookie game with Cha Chi's speech you just say "like my career" at the end of his sentences. For instance "Folks our country now, is in a very bad spot. Like my career"
 I was up to episode 7 of "Stranger Things" by the last night. I missed Ivanka promising me that her daddy would see to it I got paid as much as a man. I missed The Man With A Ferret On His Head tell me he was going to make Everything OK Again. I'd rather watch Winona Ryder deal with a monster on my iPad, than an Orange Man telling me stories about how great things were gonna be. Again.
Do yourself a favor, watch "Stranger Things" especially when it's time for the DNC and Hillary.                                                                                     

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mission Accomplished!

Is there anything more cringeworthy than watching Georgie dancing at a funeral for five slain police officers? The first excuse I heard for this inappropriate behavior was the 'Happy Christian" excuse of he's just happy because he believes these deceased police officers are in heaven. That's some spin. I am Christian too, but I would know better than to do something that mortifying on a solemn occasion. The next excuse; he's off the wagon and he's drunk. Nope. I have seen inappropriate childlike behavior like this before on solemn occasions.
This looks like dementia to me, however, his ability to focus that long on a speech wouldn't be possible. Was Reagan capable of giving speeches like that with his Alzheimer's?
Notice, how there is no concern for others, just rock out to the choir like it's normal, it's not! He delivered his speech with plenty of smiles. Weird, maybe it's not dementia, maybe it's cognitive dissonance and he's a psychopath.
I have had the misfortune of meeting  a couple of psychopaths, one takeaway with psychopaths is inexplicable behavior. They do the oddest things. Most psychopaths aren't mass murderers, but George W. Bush is. Even though it looks like Michelle Obama was uncomfortable he kept at it, like she and his wife wanted to be arm swinging fools along with him. Shows a serious disregard for those around him. It's nothing personal, he just doesn't have the same behavior as normal people, especially in situations like this. Psychopaths are usually the life of the party, or in this case, the life of the funeral. They get bored easy, and I am sure W had enough and was ready to let loose with his dance moves. I mean everyone feels like doing some arm pumps at a funeral right?
The reason psychopaths are so scary is that they can seem normal, it's just that they can't control their impulses, like, say, dancing at a funeral. Most psychopaths don't want to murder you, they don't care about you at all. Kind of like serial rapists in the entertainment industry.
In times of war you need people who are incapable of feeling another person's pain. I guess that's why George went and declared war on a country that didn't do anything to deserve it, killing hundreds of thousands of people.
 He's got no problem showing up at events because he never feels any remorse for what he's done. That people invite him anywhere, is weird to me. I bet after this strange performance they will think twice, before they want "W" at their funeral, is this why he's not invited to GOP events? He isn't going to be going to the Republican National Convention, probably because another psychopath will be there.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Law And Order?

I don't know how to describe the violence in my country. Violence against the citizens and violence against police. It's too much, way too much. It's sad.
How many families are planning funerals and grieving today? Everything is fine one minute, the next thing you know it's bullets and chaos. Almost 2 years after Ferguson, things seem worse.
It's a breakdown.
 It's strange to think we have had an African American President who has almost finished serving two terms, if anything. it seems like racism is worse and nothings been addressed by the criminal congress that sits on it's ass and collects a paycheck for doing nothing, that is when they do show up. It's just another example of a system that doesn't work and it's been trickling down for decades.
For the first time it looks like a police office will be charged for a wrongful death. From what I've seen Philando Castile had a firearm, but he didn't use it, nor was he going to try. I don't understand how guns are drawn when you get pulled over? I have been pulled over a few times, no gun was in my face, just license and registration, maybe a ticket, maybe not. I think one of the most shocking things is that getting pulled over for a tail light being out or speeding or who knows what, ends in bullets and  death and a family left to pick up the pieces.
Since the economy has gone down hill and hasn't recovered, it's common knowledge that police officers are now in charge of policing for profit. Trying to cover municipal budgets and here is an example of one police chief's suggestions for making money by shaking down the citizenry.

  • fees for sex offenders registering in a given jurisdiction,
  • city tow companies,

  • fine increases by 50 percent,

  • pay-per-call policing,

  • vacation house check fees,

  • public hours at police firing range for a fee,

  • police department-run online traffic school for minor traffic infractions,

  • department-based security service including home checks and monitoring of security cameras by police department,

  • a designated business to clean biological crime scenes,

  • state and court fees for all convicted felons returning to the community,

  • allowing agency name to be used for advertisement and branding,

  • triple driving-under-the-influence fines by the court,

  • resident fee similar to a utility tax,

  • tax or fee on all alcohol sold in the city,

  • tax or fee on all ammunition sold in, the city,

  • public safety fees on all new development in the city,

  • 9-1-1 fee per use,

  • police department website with business advertisement for support,

  • selling ride-a-longs to the public, and police department–run firearm safety classes. 
It has been suggested that part of the problem in Ferguson was the towns reliance on police tickets to keep their budget intact and as a result there were many people who were in essence "imprisoned" in their homes as a result of outstanding warrants on tickets they could not afford to pay.
People may feel desperate knowing they will be financially destroyed when a police officer pulls them over.
As far as the Philando Castile shooting, it may have been a broken tail light or that he looked like a suspect in a robbery that got them pulled over. Putting a gun in a window with a woman and child in a car seems pretty extreme.
Then we have another shooting in Louisiana, Alton Sterling. He was selling CD's and allegedly threatened the person who called the police with a gun. From there chaos ensues and that man has bullets in his back and chest.
I could hardly believe it when the next day I see the horror that unfolds in Dallas. Five Police officers are killed, by an Army veteran, However, the carnage did not stop there, also shootings in Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Houston. 
It's going to be a long hot summer. 
Then we have Mr. Law and Order Trump, who will make America safe again. I think I've heard all this before. This was when Richard Nixon started the war on drugs. We all know what a success that was. 
 President Obama is coming back early from Europe to address racial and policing issues. President Obama was meeting with NATO. We now have armed forces in Poland, Romania, Estonia, why? Let's just hope our President who now has his sights set on Russia, can use his Nobel Peace Prize skills creating peace here in America, before he goes poking a bee's nest with a stick in Putin's backyard. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

London Calling

Today, I remember, all who were lost in the bomb that went off  in the London subway and
on the bus. It has been reported nowhere. It disappeared. But I remember that day. I pray for all who were lost and wounded. I can't believe no one acknowledged it in the media. I just wanted to say, to the families, of those that were lost or wounded. the people who still grieve. I will never forget that day. I am so sorry,
 No one acknowledged your pain and suffering.

The Chilcot Report came out at almost the same time. Obliterating, your loss.
It's been 11 years. But I am sure it was like yesterday, for everyone, who lost someone.
I just wanted to tell you on this day, I remember these people you have lost in your life. And I wish you peace.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

That "Special Relationship"

Thirteen years ago, when the propaganda machine known as the Bush Administration was ginning up war, there were plenty of people who knew it was a pack of lies. I thought it was going to be another Vietnam, but what I didn't know is that it would be even worse. Today the UK's Chilcot Report came out and while Tony Blair has sorrow and regret, I am sure George W. Bush doesn't. In the US, no one is responsible and we can''t look back, so we don't. The consequences of this disaster has affected peoples lives in both large and small ways. Conflicts will continue if Hillary Clinton is elected, she'll keep this corrupt game going for Raytheon and Boeing. She voted to take us into that
war, she's not sorry either.
For me, the Iraq War started the complete breakdown of any justice in this country.
Tony Blair says that "the world is a safer and better place"? Really? Is Iraq part of the world? How about Syria? How about Belgium and France? This is the kind of talk psychopaths are known for. It's called cognitive dissonance. We all know, the world is not a safer or better place because of that war. Tony Blair acknowledged that there were no WMD's and that a "trust/truth issue "would linger.
Here we get to something that is actual truth, for many people, including me. We don't believe anything our government tells us, or the MSM. Here's some more truth; the pain and suffering of the soldiers who died, their families grief and anguish and the wounded, their lives changed forever. For what? For lies?
I wonder if the suicide rate for British soldiers is as awful as it is here in the US. Turns out it is.
                                                                      So much safer!
Here's where he says he has "no regrets," Tony Blair was just a tool for Bush/Cheney, they have a "special relationship" as special as a relationship you can have with liars. Which isn't very special, as a matter of fact. Liars are a dime a dozen. Why the hell the UK would want to have a "special relationship" with the US is beyond me. I'm guessing that's one of the reasons that Brexit vote went down the way it did.
When Tony Blair "expresses more sorrow, that you can possibly believe" He is telling you to believe it, because he doesn't. Until these war criminals go to the Hague these apologies are empty and meaningless. Tell you what Tony, when you donate all the profits you made from that war to the victims of that war, then, I might believe it.