Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Powers That Be, Don't Want You Paying Attention

I think a lot of Americans can say, this has been an amazing election year. There have been many things that came to light, things I have been blogging about for a longtime. What happened in Nevada, was one of those things, that reinforced my suspicions about politics and the voting process.
Here's The Young Turks explanation, in case you had no idea what happened;
         So, here you have it. Moving on, voice votes, are ignored, the chairperson (Lange) who 'thinks" she's the right chairperson is in charge of ignoring the voice vote. Not only that but Sanders supporters and delegates were not counted. At the end, I just watched Lange and her disgraceful behavior as she stalked off the stage, and a person in the audience goes, WTF was that? Right?  Hillary may have won despite all of this confusion. Now I now this is a week late, but when I saw this I really wasn't surprised. This is what I have come to expect from politics at all levels. One good thing to come out of iPhones and the internet is a level of transparency entrenched politicians don't want. That's why I  don't watch TV or read any MSM, but plenty of people do. A lot of them can't believe that democracy has been hijacked. Trump supporters in some ways know this, the NRA just came out in support of Trump, where is the GOP support of Trump? Well, there's the governor of my home state Christie, not the best start, but ok. John Boehner, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, a rogues gallery of corrupt has beens, kind of like the Clintons. So really, what's the difference?
While all this is distracting and dividing us I have been watching with more than a little anxiety, an American missile shield switched on Thursday in Romania, $800,000,000  spent on this war bait. Does it ever end? Will either of the candidates stop the defense contract nightmare that taxpayers have been bled dry for? The CIA this week, "accidentally" deleted the Torture Report, so nothing to look at there. Just forget about it. Our tax dollars at work.
Meanwhile someone who's running for the Green Party, you even hear less about than Bernie Sanders is Jill Stein, she's been shut down and shut out. There's hardly anyone who knows she's running. Our corporate overlords only want us to know so much. Usually, you have to spend a lot of time digging and paying attention to know what your choices are and more importantly what they are not. I'm surprised they don't delete the whole election.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That's Trumpetainment

Thank you, Donald Trump for giving Christie a ticket to get out of Jersey. as leader of Trump's White House transition team, we won't miss him! But wait a minute, does Trump know something we don't know? Has someone told him he's already won? Obama's transition team was "convened during the height of his presidential campaign"so, this is nothing new, in 2008, McCain, decided to go with a former George W. Bush adviser of to "conduct a study" to prepare for a White House transition, that never happened.

I don't think there is any doubt that there are a lot of angry and frustrated Americans out there, that are sick of the status quo. They like Trump's showmanship, he can run a three ring circus on the fly. Doesn't matter what's bluster or what's bullshit. For someone who's proud of being an outsider and self funded, he sure is tapping into quite a few political hacks from Goldman Sachs Steve Mnucin and you can't get hackier than Christie. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Christie go, however there's no way Donald Trump is some independent mastermind. He's choosing all the usual suspects and Christie could still be his choice for V.P.
Just to make it all easier to swallow, Budweiser is going to make beer great again by renaming it's beer "America", because trust me, you are going to need to drink to get through this election. Anheuser-Busch is an equal opportunity donor to both political parties. Their lobbyists push for everything from taxes, to agriculture and trucking & shipping. America's great pastime of beer swilling, hasn't been going to well for Budweiser, as their profits have been down, way down,
45% down, Making a beer named "America" great, really is great because Annheuser-Busch is a Belgium based corporation. While Trump hypnotizes the masses, they will have the illusion of drinking American, brought to you by Belgium. Isn't that what America is all about?
You can turn on any channel, because it's all Trump, all the time. It's going to be a long, hot summer of what I can only call Trumpetainment. Enjoy the bread and circuses, while America collapses all around you, now, That's Entertainment!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Over the weekend I was having dinner with a friend, he was streaming Ted Cruz making some kind of speech on CNN, it really sounded like he was preaching in a church. It was creepy and really not appropriate, I thought, for a political rally. Separation of church and state, right? Then there was the whole Carly Fiorina song;
First of all I thought it was strange that Ted Cruz, who wasn't even in the lead was already choosing a running mate, never mind that she's as batshit crazy as he is. The song kind of cemented the whole deal for me. I am so glad I don't have TV anymore, I can't imagine being bombarded daily with as much nonsense that the MSM can bring on.
Donald Trumps win in Indiana is plastered all over every paper you can read, pundits are proclaiming it's all over for Bernie Sanders, even though he beat Clinton in Indiana. He can't possibly win, say's everyone, so you better just take your medicine and vote for Clinton.
 Kasich is bailing too. When the entire thing started there were 17 candidates, 17! Not one of them seemed to be dealing with the kind of reality most people are wrestling with on a daily basis. They don't care.
The GOP has lost it, if it ever had "it."  What are they going to do at the RNC in Ohio in June? I am guessing they will eat crow and cheerlead for Donald Trump, It's what the TV has been ramming down peoples throats for a year now, like Hillary Clinton. Every opportunity to sideline Bernie Sanders, even after last nights victory, means it's more Trump or Hillary. That's what's being served by media owners.
Never has there been more need for a third party. This false choice between two millionaires is not a choice.
This political system is spawning monsters and is a stitched up dysfunctional employment program for rich men, bribed by corporate interests and lobbies. This nightmare of an election is based on fear and fairy tales. But we continue to think well, this is the only way it can be done so it's just a continued status quo platform, that hasn't worked in decades. This archaic system based on the founding fathers centuries ago, needs to go. The pursuit of happiness is meaningless in a society that allows this political puppetry to distract us from trying to solve real problems. Beware, the fearless and powerful.

Monday, May 2, 2016


While President Obama had his last correspondents dinner and Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump,Ted Cruz are battling it out for Indiana votes, I was pretty amazed to see 5,000 Iraqi protesters demonstrating and overtaking their Parliament, they are sick of the corruption and want reforms.
After over a decade of "bringing Democracy" to Iraq, this is the fallout. They didn't get democracy, they got the same rotten, corrupt system we have in this country. I bet they are really angry and who can blame them? Where are the people responsible for this "mission accomplished"?
All you hear are crickets. It's almost like the war in Iraq never happened, unless you're Chelsea Manning.
Meanwhile, President Obama said he will be sending  more special forces to Syria, which I guess is supposed to be better than regular forces? While all this is going on, the U.S. had a "reconnaissance" plane, intercepted for turning off it's transponder (I'm sure it was an accident) and flying too close to Russia's borders. What in the f#$k are we doing? ( the 9/11 terrorists turned off the highjacked planes transponders)
In other bad news, the ongoing financial problems in Puerto Rico means it is probably going to have to go bankrupt, since our congress has failed to act on any legislation to bail it out. Atlantic City is also on the verge of bankruptcy. Everyone can go bankrupt, except of course the banks, I am sick of bailouts too, but we have money for more war in Syria and to try and piss off Putin.Seriously, we spend trillions on this war machine, however, the Pentagon has some issues over not being able to account for billions of dollars and is supposed to be audit ready in 2017 and will not be able to reach it's target date. Shocker!
America has a middle class that has been swept away and this country has a poverty population that is getting more desperate. Is it any wonder that Trump and Bernie Sanders are so popular? Hillary Clinton is just more of the same war fueled establishment trying to prop up the petrodollar even though oil has tanked. The only reason she is where she is, are the amount of Superdelegates that the DNC controls, they do not want Bernie Sanders to win.
 President Obama went to the UK to lecture Britain on the EU exit they will vote on. Seriously? Who in the hell is going to listen to someone that doesn't even live in their country? Why are we  everyone's big brother? We have caused catastrophe after catastrophe everywhere we interfere, we have so many problems in our own country, including a healthcare situation that STILL hasn't been fixed since Obamacare. Then Obama tells Britain, "you will have to go in the back of the queue to negotiate?" Well isn't that where almost every American is with healthcare and minimum wage? You can  step right up to the front for your next daily mass shooting, no waiting necessary, one will be along any minute. It's ludicrous and bewildering. I can't believe anyone in the world still takes us seriously, when we have so many problems that our politicians refuse to deal with here. Everyone's just supposed to take our word for it, that we know best? I hope they don't.