Friday, February 2, 2018

How Does It Feel?

The memo has been outed!
What have we learned about the Secret Society?
Is the memo inaccurate? Does it even matter?
It matters if this memo, will be used by Trump to fire Rosenstein and Mueller.
 I suspect that's what the whole thing is for. But, I digress.
Corrupt politicians on both sides-both parties, were busy passing the FISA Act to spy on us all, while they sat on this memo.
 No mention of all these awful abuses until Trump signed the FISA Act. So, what we know is that it's ok for everyone else to be spied on.
McCain came out and says this memo serves Putin, and outright says Russia interfered in our election.
 I can only guess that since Nunes got the memo out, now the gloves are off and McCain is pissed.
But he didn't open his mouth before this and voted for that FISA Bill and expanded the powers of the surveillance state.
That much is clear.
All this is, is a political stunt to help Trump, they do not care about helping us.
They don't care about national security, it is their own security they are worried about.
As long as the government has the power to spy on us, we are all being abused.
Guess what?
Even with all this spying it's looking as if Russia got away with this interference, so what's the use of all this? Joe Blow down the street ain't talking to Putin, but it's looking like Trump did and there's a big investigation.
How does it feel to be spied on Trump?
The sponsor of the FISA Reauthorisation Act was none other than Devin Nunes.
Are we supposed to think he gives a damn about people getting spied on and government abuse of taxpayers when he knew all along about this alleged abuse?
None of them care, least of all him.
"A lot of people should be ashamed"
But you aren't are you Trump?
You might as well have signed your own FISA Warrant.
How does it feel?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Friday Night Memo Massacre

Oh, of course, it's going to be the Friday memo release.
This way, Trump is hoping it's all going away over the weekend.
 After a week of Secret Societies, the Grand Inquisitor, Secret Society-Grand Poobah, Trey Gowdy, decides he's not going to go for re-election.
He is the 37th GOPer not to seek re-election.
So, Trump has kicked the memo back to Congress and it looks like it's going to be read at a pro forma session at 4:30 Friday afternoon.
The real question is why didn't Trump just release it himself?
Could it be that it's all a "dud"? Oh say it ain't so!
According to Adam Schiff the memo, could even be secretly altered....
I am sure Melania knows all about what you deliver from the heart. 
After lying about his SOTU ratings, now we're supposed to believe his bigly memo is yuuuuge.
There's more;
Russiagate Rick Gates, who was indicted on conspiracy charges, the same time as Paul Manafort,  Gates lawyers just dumped him. My guess is he's flipped and turned states evidence.
Just another week of chaos, here in the good old USA.
Home of the greedy and afraid.
I am guessing very afraid, since Hope Hicks allegedly told Trump that Donny Jr's emails will "never get out" Ooops that's obstruction!
While we weren't looking Trump took away the enforcement power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so there will be no more enforcement or oversight over companies that take advantage of American consumers.
But who would even notice after the sh*t show we've witnessed this week?
That doesn't even include the train full of garbage GOP politicians that hit a garbage truck, this week, killing the driver. RIP dude. His name was Chris Foley, he was 28 years old.