Sunday, March 20, 2016

America; Not So Great

I really did think Jeb! would be the Republican Party's offering, I was surprised that he dropped out.
 I could never figure out what made him think a third helping of Bush's was something American people wanted to swallow. I will also be surprised if Bernie Sanders will actually be the Democratic nominee. It looks like Obama's throwing his support to Hillary and there's been a "Sandbagging" of Bernie (Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi's excellent article) about the extremely poor reporting done on Bernie Sanders, and we know why; the shadow government wants no part of him, Hillary's the real MIC player. which of course, is why Obama is supporting her.
I remember when Obama campaigned against the way business was done in Washington.Then he signed the 2014 Cromnibus Bill which increased 10 times, the amount of money corporate donors could give to  political parties. Fast forward to 2015 Cromnibus, no longer would disclosure be needed for dark money in politics. It's no surprise to me that Hillary is Obama's choice, they are both puppets, that will prevent any reforms that Sanders is calling for.
The campaigns of Bernie and Trump have a common thread, angry, struggling Americans. When the agenda is dictated by the 1%, the result is economic rage. Sanders synthesized the single important issue of a 'Billionaire class." Trump is so rich, it's almost assumed he can't be bought, But everyone has a price, especially a deal maker like him.
So many people I know just love Donald Trump, go figure, but this is where we are when Americans know they can't trust politicians. Donald Trump looks trustworthy to them. Weirdly, just look at The Bridgegate Bully, Chris Christie endorsing Trump, Then you have the old sheriff in town, Joe Arpaio, a bully in his own right climbing on the Trump bandwagon, along with Sarah Palin. You'd think with the kind of baggage Trump is dragging with him, people would back off, but they are so blinded by rage at their circumstances, that they are all in. Build a big wall, even though Trump relies on imported labor, and problem solved!
Thinking about making America Great Again, means you have to go back to when it really was great. Not sure when that was exactly, unless you were white and a man. Things haven't ever been great for minorities, women still can't get paid on a parity with men. Civil rights really didn't take hold until the 70's. Since then everything's been outsourced. I remember the 70's, the economy was in a pretty bad recession and an oil embargo, Good Times was a show on TV. I just don't remember America being great then. I am at a loss trying to explain the making America Great Again, maybe it's just making America great for some of us, while for other Americans, it won't be so great. That's historically what it' been like in America, stealing land from the Native Americans, to slavery, Jim Crow, women not being able to vote until 1920, African Americans until the 60's. Access to healthcare for every American has never existed and "the poor will always be with us" Bible bullshit, mostly Americans have been okay with all that. As a matter of fact I don't know anyone who has any idea of what the poverty statistics are today, but it looks like a gilded Donald Trump might be attractive to someone living hand to mouth, the same way Bernie Sanders looks like the best option for young people crippled with college debt working in Starbucks. More Americans have probably more economically in common today, than any other time, you would think that would bring us together, instead we get the good old divide and conquer, until we figure that out, America is never going to be great.