Sunday, September 24, 2017

Game Of Chicken

The week started out for me watching Ken Burns much hyped The Vietnam War series. All I can say about it is wow. I don't know where Burns has been for the last forty years, but his interpretation of The Vietnam War is so far from reality, I just couldn't stomach it.
I got to the second episode and couldn't take anymore. It's just one big mistake according to him and no mention of the why; the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which we now know did not happen, not the way the propaganda at the time said it happened. It was funded by Bank of America, which I should have known then, what direction this thing was going in.
Not going to watch 18 hours of that drivel. But it's a good job of white washing history, if that's what you like, being told fairy tales and outright lies isn't my thing.
I grew up with that war and it seems to me there has been very little time in my life not living with some fearsome enemy, only now it's on steroids. I can go to bed at night after seeing Kim Jong-un's missile videos, then in the morning, when I get up, Dotard Trump's missile videos and not to be outdone, Iran shows a missile video;

Another video, really?
Seriously, I wonder who else has some footage for another missile video? 
What's going to be the newest Gulf of Tonkin incident, for the next excuse for a war?
 Don't we have enough going on?
From what I understand Puerto Rico has no electricity and a dam that has failed, affecting thousands of people, but what's the big story? 
Trump cussed out a football player and now there's a  big rebellion by the NFL.
 Dotard has NOT been able to do anything since he got elected but tweet. 
It's all a big distraction to cover his fail of an administration. 
I guess that's a good thing.
Then there's the dog and pony show of the repeal and replace or the just repeal and not replace that these criminals in DC keep wasting time on, so they look like they are doing something. 
They don't have the votes, but that doesn't matter, because Lindsey Graham is bad at math, so he's going to try again and probably fail. All of these elected officials are paid handsomely by the health insurance industry. Nothing's going to happen. They should just show us a video of John McCain with his thumbs down vote and save a lot of time and energy.
On Monday, the Senate passed a $700 billion military spending bill. I'll just let that sink in.
I guess we've got to replace all those bombs we've been videoing and dropping on people all over the world. That's what we do. 
You know what we don't do? Medicare for all or free tuition for college. Nope. 
This is why we can't have nice things. 
Then there's rumors of Dotard's tax plan that he'll be making a speech about in Indiana, this week. This plan is supposed to, wait for it..."heavily benefit high income  taxpayers," such a surprise. 
I'm not holding my breath for anything when it comes to the idiots in Washington, but if they can find a way to help their rich benefactors, this might be the only legislature that actually passes, besides the billions of dollars given away, to the black hole that is known as the Pentagon. It's another speech I won't watch, like the one Dotard made at the UN, threatening to annihilate millions of people. 
I guess tomorrow will start another week of MSM propaganda missile videos or Dotard's tweets, so we can get caught up in a massive game of chicken. No thanks. Both of them are Dotards.
                                                  Better get busy on the next video Kim.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Morgan Freeman and Rocket Man

                                                       Brought to you by Rob Reiner
Well, well, Morgan Freeman says we're at war in this fine piece of propaganda. Where is the proof? Is it in this video?
 I didn't see any. Why didn't he run for president if he knows so much?
Then we have Mr. Art of the War Deal, calling Kin Jong-Un, Rocket Man.
At first I thought he was talking about the Elton John song, but no!
I guess it really is lonely out in space.
 The space between Trumps ears.
No where in Trumps speech, with his litany of North Korean atrocities, does he ever say America is guilty of the same in all our escapades all over the world.
This only happened on Tuesday.
What are we in for the rest of the week?
Both of these speeches have something in common, they are engineered for, maximum attention seeking.
I like John Kelley's reaction to Trumps speech
I am involved in a lot of projects right now, it's so hard even paying attention to stuff that just doesn't make sense. So I think I will listen to Elton John and the original Rocket Man.
 Enjoy, and don't let the bastards get you down.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What's Happening

As usual, here in the land of the dysfunctional, there was a lot of screwed up shit going on.
The most nauseating for me was Hillary Clinton and her 'What Happened" book tour.
Seriously, all she had to do was read my blog, especially during the 2016 election year and she would have got to the truth of the matter.
Now she's got a book filled with lies and blame, that have nothing to do with, "What Happened"
 Because, I can tell you, no one cares Hillary.
The only people who care are propaganda news media mouth pieces, that need to fill up air time, for their corporate overseer's.
I bet Hillary doesn't tell us what happened when  her husband signed the legislation that set in motion the economic crisis that we still haven't recovered from.
Really? Sadist much?
Then there was this stomach churning incident, but I don't suppose she goes into that much in her book. Nope.
I seriously doubt she's got any fucks to give for the people of Libya or the never ending wars, going on now.
I think one of the reasons Trump was so successful, was because he said he wanted to get us out of these wars.
Of course it was lies, and he's no better than she is.
The Democrats are nothing but a big fail, with Hillary as the leader of that corrupt party of nothing.
I have no love for Republicans either. Both parties aren't doing a damn thing they are elected to do. It's plain to see. That's really what's happening, more war and more money for the MIC.
I wish she would just go away, but, she's probably got a few more books up her sleeve.
Go build some houses with Jimmy Carter for Christ's sake, try and do something useful.
Start in Florida or Texas, where people have lost their homes, then write about that.
I might actually read that book.
In Washington, what's happening is Bernie Sander's trying to get "healthcare for all" and good luck with that.
It's never going to happen.
What would health un-insurance companies do then? Politicians would stop getting their bribes donations. They have no interest in getting Americans up to speed like every other industrialized nation with a national healthcare system.
It would be easy to pay for, by ending the trillion dollar wars we're fighting.
That won't happen either. It's a joke.
Then we have the DACA Dreamers debacle. I've got no problem with immigrants or kids being in this country through no fault of their own.
My big problem is if they can come in, can I get out?
I'd love to live in another country, but the trouble is, every where I want to go, there are procedures and rules. It's so inconvenient.
I guess they don't take the tired, poor and huddled masses, yearning for chocolate.
They don't just take anyone, so I guess I'm stuck here. I guess I have a problem sneaking over the Alps and settling in Switzerland. I wouldn't want to do that. Although, it probably would be exciting, (I know, it's so Sound of Music) I can also see it would be too much of a pain in the ass. I don't think I could get political asylum, because I don't like living in a country where Trump is President, no matter how much other countries think he's a whack job too. I guess I'll file that away for further investigation.

Also this week, nut job Kim Jung-Un decides to fire another missile over Japan, not to be out done, South Korea decides to release a video.(probably told to by the US) Just to keep scaring Americans and the rest of the world, so the US can justify another war. I don't know why we are still in Korea or Japan.
It just goes to show, once we start bombing or make war on another country, we never leave. 
I wonder how much these missiles cost? It's a money-maker for someone. I don't know anyone who said, Gee, I'd really like to see some footage of missiles being shot off in South Korea, that would really make my day! We would all gather around the TV in eager anticipation! 
This has been yet another week when I am glad I don't have a TV and I'm not paying a huge cable bill to watch Hillary Clinton or missiles being launched. Who knows where it even landed?
 Probably in the ocean, which has taken enough abuse. You just can't make any sense out of any of the "reporting" that goes on in this country. 
Nothing is going to happen in Washington. Trump isn't going to do anything, neither is Congress or the Senate. Missiles and bombs will continue to fly, Americans who simply just want to go about their business and enjoy their lives and spend time with their families, are going to be continually assaulted by the Mainstream Media's worship of violence and war mongers like Hillary Clinton. That's really What's Happening.

I'm not reading Hillary's book, I'm currently reading Theft By Finding, (He stole the title of my book, but that's another story) written by David Sedaris, a writer I consider, a national treasure.
 Instead of TV, read it. it's hilarious!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Good Time Trump

What is up with this weird, creepy dude and his megachurch?
I feel really sorry for the people of Houston right now, their lives will never be the same.
I say this because I know about when a hurricane slams into a community.
I live in the epicenter  where "Superstorm" Sandy slammed into.
Five years later, people are still rebuilding. Ripped off by contractors or waiting years for FEMA funds to trickle down on them. It's better than it was here, but there are still houses that have been abandoned. It is a myth that the federal government is going to step in and give compensation for all the losses that occur in a disaster situation.
The insurance companies will balk over wind damage or water damage and the people in Houston, like here in New Jersey, probably did not have near enough flood insurance.
Getting insurance companies to pay is another nightmare. They are in business to make a profit, not to pay out when a disaster comes calling.
Then you have  a "photo opportunity president" that comes calling.
"Heckuva job Brownie!" Bush and " No Red Tape!" Obama and now "Have a Good Time!" Trump.
It is such a good time trying to get FEMA funding, dealing with your insurance company.
It's a real party.
The average citizen who has nothing, will be forced to live in moldy flooded homes.
I know people who are still living in conditions like this. They did not have insurance and couldn't afford to re-mediate their homes.
We have another upcoming emergency of our government running out of money and money for Harvey survivors is going to be tied to it, I am guessing.
I wonder how much money we are spending in Afghanistan and how much funding the people of Houston will get in disaster relief?
I understand there was no call for people to evacuate from Houston, because it would have created a logistical nightmare. Almost no one I know here in Jersey evacuated from Sandy. They simply had no where to go, which I suspect, was the case in Houston.
We have people who live and work in low lying coastal flood areas, but no way of evacuating them when a storm is headed their way.
Houston  is 1/4 of our economy and the chemical plants and oil companies that are now digging out, will take years to recover and may just start over somewhere else, if they can.
To top it off, Hurricane Irma is making it's way towards the Southeast US. What's the plan for that?
I just don't get it. How many damn hurricanes do you need to get before there is some kind of cogent plan put forth?
The answer; there never will be one.
We bumble our way through war after war and we do the same thing, disaster after disaster. While charlatans and con artists rip off people trying to rebuild. Just like the mercenaries and defense contractors in the Middle East.
We never learn.
What I did learn was that in Houston, people got in their boats and didn't wait for an overwhelmed police force to rescue people, they did it themselves.
Congress and the Senate will waste time, dithering in DC, while people need real help, now, not later.  If that help does come a lot of the money will get diverted by people in power with projects they throw to their construction company friends or big advertising campaigns to get them re-elected.
                                        Sandy funds used for Christie's re-election campaign.
I really hope Houston is "stronger than the storm" it's going to be an uphill battle. Houston will sadly, have to face doing much of it on their own.
Have a good time with that.  Houston will be a do-it-yourself recovery, just like at the Jersey Shore. People going to endless meetings and all the donations made to shady places that never got to the people who needed them. Be careful who you donate to.