Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Kind Of Health Care Does Congress have?

After how many years of repeal votes and still congress couldn't pull it together and vote for a repealy- replacey health care act. I wonder how scared these cretins are? The town halls I've seen, with people loaded for bear, mad as hell at the congressional Orange Bozo lovers who are ready to throw away what little health care coverage people have.
                                            "What kind of insurance do you have?"    
That's the question one woman asked of Tom Cotton. (R-AR)
Cotton, just another dude, obsessed with Planned Parenthood, who would rather see a lot of UNplanned parenthood.    
Fortunately, for people who like the ACA, (Obamacare) I doubt the GOP psychopaths will be able to get rid of it. How long has it been since these clowns could do anything except maybe shut the                   government down? They do nothing. Except fund raise and collect their fat paychecks and benefits most Americans can only dream of.
So after almost a week long head fake, they tell us no vote this week, I highly doubt they are going to be strong armed into voting for the hot mess of an American Health Care Act, over the weekend, unless they can come up with a crueler, more spiteful health care plan.
My idea is that whatever congress decides to do, they should get the same health care that they pass into law. That should be built into what ever health care changes they want to make. They should have Obamacare now and see how they like it.
What ever happened to Trump's "insurance for everybody!"???? Does anyone even remember him saying that?
 Oh well, guess that's just another lie, but keep voting, because Trump's going to make America great again!
The polling I have done here, in Bumblef*$ck, New Jersey; all my friends who voted for Trump say his new plan is better, with no actual facts to back it up, or any actual research at all. They hate Obama so much and Obamacare, that they think anything will be better, They have a weird case of magical thinking. If Trump says so and Spicey says so, then it's great again. The propaganda is definitely working.
Today we witnessed the whole debacle being pushed back and pushed back and then they had to give up. I guess they'll hope no one will remember come Monday. They will delay and delay until it goes away.
Even if it doesn't, it will never get passed in the Senate, so it's more bread, more circuses. While we are all looking at the crazy health insurance game they are playing, what the hell is going on behind our backs?
How about Gorsuch? Did anyone see Al Franken take apart Gorsuch and call his decision absurd? Could you get a crueler judge than Gorsuch?
There is nothing about this new administration that is great. Unless, cruelty is great. Unless, letting sick people get even sicker, is great. The fact that so many American voters could be seduced by Donald Trump and now could care less about what he's doing, kind of shocks me. I thought there would be a sense of dismay over what he is doing, but no, turns out people are just fine with it.
There's no attempt at hiding the corruption, no lack of remorse, the attempt to create yet, another dynasty, by installing the first daughter in the White House and the first son-in-law.
My friend Sean says, "she's really smart!"
I was like, when did she ever prove that? Is she a Rhodes Scholar?
I think Al Franken got it right, it's absurd. So, what's it gonna take for people to realize the people you elect, do not care. Is it going to be them taking away their health care? Will that do it? Because American's are going to have to get a whole lot sicker and a whole lot angrier to stop this Dickensian, pauperized future waiting for us, then again half the country is pauperized now. However, every one's a King, when they are watching the Kardashians. I'm sure they think that's real too!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Taking A Leak

You just can't make this stuff up. For years I have been telling my friends to tape up their camera's on their computers. To disengage any microphones on their devices. The irony of Trump's "wiretapping" is that we are all being wiretapped.
 I have had more than one side eye go my way because of my warnings about how your TV can spy on you only to be laughed off,
That's fine, don't say I didn't tell you so. Now that Wikileaks released Vault 7 , the proof is in the leaking;
"Back in 2015, Samsung’s SmartTV privacy policy warned people not to share private information in front of their TV:"
That's just one device.
But, hey, we keep on hearing about Russia, Russia, Russia! Why? Because we need a war for all the government contractors. So they can make even more money.
The economy is still stuck in a recession and we know war is a money maker.
Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, who's next on the list? Maybe China? How about North Korea? We all know the only ones who can have nuclear weapons is America.
How many? It looks like 6,973, who needs that many weapons? How many do you actually need to blow up the world? It's insanity and it made somebody rich, maybe a lot of somebodies.
How much spying do you need? Is there ever enough? Is Trump wrong saying he was wiretapped? At this point I wonder who ISN'T wiretapped?
Will there be any epic fallout from this leak or is it just going to be business as usual? This leak is titled Year 0, so how much more is there? If it's true that the CIA was looking into hacking into cars and trucks, what's to stop them from hacking into planes? Oh dear, it's tin foil hat time!

Don't look too hard, just tune into the next episode of the Kardashians. I bet even the CIA can't keep up with them.
A funny thing about all this spying and hacking. How are all these attacks still happening in Orlando, Nice, Paris, Brussels? The amount of spying going on should have stopped these horrific tragedies, dontcha think?
Meanwhile, on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, it's fear porn about your heathcare, because now the GOTEA Party has a 3 phase plan that will never get passed. The Republicans know this, but they have to look like they are actually going to do something.
Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow and the other hacks on FOX News,  will continue with the propaganda McCarthyism Russian theme, with no proof, because the Democrats pushed a flawed candidate for president, instead of the one that could have won.
But, no one's going to talk about that. Next thing will be that the Russians hacked our healthcare.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


He's going to make America great again.
Everyone I know who voted for this guy believes him. For the life of me, I don't know why.
After last nights speech, which essentially was nothing but flirting with the American people and giving them a bunch of empty promises.
Today, I would bet that Joe the Plumber is enjoying his morning coffee, high on Donald Trumps words, even though @realdonaldtrump's actions say something different.
 Let's start with his idea for the military budget, a $54 billion increase. The US already has the highest military budget in the world, so of course, we need more money for that. More money for the Pentagon, that's never been audited, that is not accountable to anyone. We all know that McCain and Lindsey Graham who's lobbyists and state economies depend on the war machine are dependent on government handouts. There is nothing about this, that is going to address what America needs to be great again, unless government contractors and making weapons will somehow be good for Americans.
Arming the world and keeping up with the status quo of having 800 military bases in 70 countries has
worked out great for Americans. I don't know anyone who really knows anything about what Trump is actually doing, let alone how many military bases are bleeding us dry.
Trump also has said he plans to slash foreign aid in order to offset the military spending. So far that's just domestic cuts, like the State Department, We still will give billions to Israel, Jordan, Pakistan and the list goes on and on. Israel and Egypt receive $3.1 billion annually. Because that makes America great again...somehow.
Let's move along to Jeff Sessions. After Trumps campaign promises to let states deal with medical and recreational Marijuana, Sessions signed on for more of the same failed Drug War policies from a century ago, continuing on with prohibition. Why? Because Trump is a big fan of private prisons and we need them to be stocked with prisoners at all times. Legalized weed, could mean millions in revenue for states budgets won't happen despite the successes of Colorado and Washington State. Let's make prison great again.
Let's talk about Trumps Yuuuuge plans for heathcare, he says he's going to help with tax credits and get this; Health Savings Accounts, also known as Pay For It Your Own Damn Self Accounts, it's a joke! Half of the country is in poverty, living paycheck to paycheck, they can't afford to save anything. So what Trump is promising is more of the same, without a mandate. He's not going to make heathcare great again. It's not going to happen. the GOP Bozo's haven't come up with a thing in 8 years of their useless repeal votes.
So Trump is going to build, not a Great Wall, but, a "great, great wall" I am not so sure it's to keep immigrants out or maybe to keep us in! I can't even imagine how bad it is in other countries, that coming to America is a great idea.
I have researched immigrating to other countries. Every country I have looked at all have means testing in order to be able to immigrate to their country. You either have to be highly skilled with advanced degrees or you have to show you have a job waiting for you or other income requirements. My gripe with immigration is that we should have the same expectations for the people who want to immigrate here. We are the only country I know of who will take anyone. America was great when we had the room and resources for everyone to be able to come here and were able to maintain themselves, however, we are still living with the fantasy of, "back in the day" when we ripped off and killed the Native American population, taking their land that immigrants settled on and built a life (at others expense.) This faulty narrative is still with us and unfortunately with half the country in poverty, most Americans are having a very hard time in this economy. This is where the confusion comes in with immigration. It's the paranoia of so-called "terrorists" from 9/11 (don't get me started with how all that went down) that get in.
The facts are that the main illegal immigrants to the US are from Sub-Saharan Africa, China and India. Illegal immigrants are money makers for, private prisons.. (My post about Vice President Dan Quayle's Private Prison investments)
Mexican's made up 54% of unauthorized immigration. So that's a yuuuuge money maker for prisons. Did you know Mexico has an immigration problem? It's  American retirees, Mexico has means testing, that means if you want to retire there and have enough of a pension, you are welcomed. Otherwise, not so much. I just wonder how many people actually got into Canada after Trump got elected?
Go ahead and build a wall @realdonaldtrump, so far his Immigration Executive Order is a fail. I suspect almost everything else in his speech will be one too. The GOP hasn't done a damn thing in the last 8 years and don't get me started with the Democrat white wearing suffragette BS. What does that actually do? NOTHING. Both those parties are the problem, that's how we got to Trump. I guess everyone can just continue with the bread and circus of Donald Trumps speech, but it was vague on how he is actually going to do anything, except just keep the same rackets going that aren't going to do anything to make America great again.
Attributed to Fox News
                                            Another useless gesture, Thanks Democrats.