Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Detroitization Of America and Disclosure in the New York Times.

NOT a pedophile! Congratulations Alabama!
Last week's election in Alabama, well, what can you say?
Your choices are a pedophile or someone who's not a pedophile. That's how low the bar is set.
This is the best Alabama can do.
It's pretty sad, because I highly doubt the guy who was elected, Doug Jones will do anything except vote for more military spending and collect lots of money from corporate donors.
If he isn't already a millionaire, he'll likely be one by the time he leaves office.
Then there was the whole net neutrality repeal and who is even shocked that Obama appointee, Ajit Pai, (an unfortunate name-if ever there was one) repealed net neutrality?
 All the phone calls and all the petitions and comments that you see people begging that you do to save the net, really?
They don't care. There is nothing you can do or stay to stop these people from collecting money and carrying out corporate directives. That's what you're voting for.
Case in point, would be the unpopular Republican tax bill giving corporations a tax cut.
It's all going to trickle down all over us peons. The rich have never been richer so, lets just keep them happy, while everyone else scrambles for the crumbs.
America sure is great again.
I don't know if it was even reported in this country, that the UN is investigating the US with a UN special rapporteur, on extreme poverty and human rights.
This UN official went  to Alabama, (where they just voted a Democrat senator) interviewed people living in such squalid conditions that there is now a hookworm health crisis, because people are living with raw sewage running under their houses and in their yards.
Do you think Doug Jones is going to address this situation?
He ran on a platform of MORE national defense spending. In order to get more Army or NASA flight center federal dollars into the Alabama economy. This is what they're left with.
The big hope is to get the giant American war machine to keep their shops in Alabama open.
 Because, I am guessing there's not much else there, if there ever was.
This is why, we will never live in a time without the threat of war, because our economy runs on it.
The Pentagon is supposed to be audited, AGAIN! That's THE really big news this week?
Once again I am just left chuckling to myself, I have been writing about the Pentagon and the MIC since 2012.
They have promised to audit themselves for 21 years and it never happens and no one's accountable. Trillions have been lost and gone forever, nothing is going to happen.
 It's a joke.
The giant sucking sound of the hollowed out American middle class that goes directly to Washington DC and the Pentagon, then trickles onto millionaire CEO defense contractors.
It's not food stamps or Social Security. We would have plenty for social programs, schools and safe drinking water. But that will never happen.
Now, it's too the point where the UN is investigating the poverty and disparity here in America, where it will never be great again until we get the monster MIC under control or banish it, altogether.
I can't see that happening as long as we have people with this post WWII mindset that everything's just fine as long as we are armed to the teeth with tons of redundant nuclear bombs, while the country crumbles.
Does anyone have the mental capacity to stop voting for these people who only care about what resources they can drain from the people with the least to spare? That's why I just don't get how people continue to vote for liar after liar, while you have empty houses and empty strip malls and abandoned malls, while Dollar Store's spring up everywhere. Does anyone make the connection?
Now we will get  a tax bill giveaway to billionaires rammed down American's throats right before Christmas and everyone will be too buzzed on Egg Nog and fighting for toys at Walmart to even understand how screwed they are.
To top it off I read on the front page of the New York Times, something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime.
The Pentagon's Mysterious UFO Program.
Yep, black money and mysterious programs, who knew?

Well, I did, since I saw this footage a while ago, it's been leaked for some time and most people would probably call me a conspiracy theorist, but I saw this coming.
Now it's on the front page of the New York Times. Why? Why now?
I'd just like to say, this footage is from 2004, how much more do they have?
The Pentagon knows a lot more than this footage from 2004.
We aren't going to find out any more from their fake audit, either.
Maybe this vehicle is from one of their secret space programs? I don't know, but I do know that money is disappearing into programs the American people don't know anything about.
While we go without and get screwed by the next tax bill.
While the people in Alabama and Detroit live in squalor without proper hygiene, we get flying saucers on the front page of the New York Times.
Maybe this is the first step towards disclosure?
To distract us from the next disaster to come out of Washington DC?
The only thing I do know, is that if this isn't a reverse engineered vehicle our Dark Space Project has made. All the military spending in the world won't help with a civilization that advanced.
Maybe they'd like to visit Alabama and see how the American government treats it's citizens there?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

If You Like Your War, You Can Keep Your War

More Fake News
What can you say about the shit show going on daily in the US?
This "declaration" about Jerusalem, everybody having a conniption over this Act, that has been signed every six months since 1995. I can understand peoples confusion.
I had a supposedly, pretty smart dude tell me it was an Executive Order (it wasn't) and "it's going to happen", whatever "it" is.
It's a nothing burger.
There is nothing but, "planning" to move the embassy, no timeline.
Look at the two of them in that picture. It's so Orwellian. They are acting like they are actually getting something done, as if anyone cares about Jerusalem, except religious freaks who think this will move along the second coming of Christ, in their Bible study class.
                                                                                   Trump is getting desperate, he's been able to
get nothing accomplished since he got in office. He wanted to get rid of the ACA/Obamacre and that didn't happen. Every time he makes some big announcement he gets a big photo op, like it already happened and he's taking a victory lap.
That's all he has to do.
Then everyone believes it because it's on TV and it's got to be true, right?
I have to wonder if Trump, had to do something to distract people from the Mueller investigation, which is now going through Agent Orange's Deutsche Bank transactions?
Trump's got a war going on with CNN. Who even watches that anymore?
These people like Wolf Blitzer, lie all the time and helped Bush gin up war in Iraq over WMD's that didn't exist. 
So, how surprising is it that CNN, MSNBC & CBS report that Trump had access to the DNC emails before they were published.  Which is false.
Who the heck pays for that cable news channel? Only to be told a pack of lies.
I can only guess that the rumors about Trump getting up in the morning and turning on Fox & Friends, watching TV for 8 hours a day, unless, he's golfing are probably true.
I have seen people his age, where I used to work and the majority are glued to the TV, all day long. It's really disturbing.
It makes so much sense that Trump would be doing this.
The more he can do to stay on the tube, the more he likes it.
This would explain him blowing up his twitter feed since he's watching TV, instead of reading his briefs. He wants to be on the news all the time.
He pretty much succeeds with that goal. Top it off with the useless, co-opted, MSM. The point is when is next fake war going to come along, with the next fake news feed?
All year long it's been nothing but Kim Jong and Dotard sharing videos of missiles being launched. It's brain washing people to believe the missiles are coming.
According to NPR, the Pentagon is going to be audited.
 For the first time ever!
Does anyone remember this guy, named Rumsfeld, who told us that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 Trillion, and the next day, all of that was forgotten, after the biggest terror event to hit the U.S.?
What's going to happen if we get another report of trillions of dollars missing?
Do we get another war, like last time?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Flynn Sings Like A Bird

While everyone is busy with the perverts getting their comeuppance, there is something bigger going on.

Michael Flynn, Trump's former National Security Advisor, cut a deal with Mueller. 
Remember, earlier this month, Mueller met with Jared Kushner. 
Mueller has been investigating the relationship between Kushner and Flynn and the firing of James Comey. It looks like Mueller may have got Flynn to flip and spill his guts to Mueller. 
One of the things Mueller had in his arsenal was the allegation of Flynn's involvement of being involved in a kidnapping plot of a Turkish dissident, by the name of  Gulen, living in the US. He would deliver Gulen to a Turkish prison for $15 million. Not bad for a days dirty work. Also, allegations of FARA violations (failure to register as a foreign agent. representing Turkey.)
However, Flynn is only being charged with making false statements-suggesting that Flynn is sharing info incriminating others.
Because of Flynn's position as National Security Advisor, Flynn had to offer a substantial amount of info to get this kind of deal.
Usually, when a deal like this is on offer, it is because of the ability to secure information about 
higher level authorities and the only people above Flynn are the President and Vice President.
Whatever Flynn shared with Mueller, indicates that the information will incriminate the President of the United States, or the Vice president, or both. 
Just to remember Paul Manafort got an indictment. Flynn took a plea deal. 
Remember the Kremlin "back channel"meeting Flynn and Kushner attended, with a Russian Ambassador back in December of 2016? Were they directed by someone at  higher level to pursue this? Was Kushner's meeting earlier this month a set up, to get him to make false statements about Flynn?
Reports from ABC says Flynn is "prepared to testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians" That is very serious and also historic. This is not fake news. (* Update, it was fake news! you really can't  trust MSM) 
What will be Trump's reaction? A twitter meltdown? Or causing a major conflict with another country as a distraction from this very bad news for him? Maybe he'll fire Mueller?
This is way bigger than violation of the Logan Act.  Remember when Trump told Flynn to "stay strong" when he was initially being investigated? 
Look's like Trump might have to take his own advice.