Monday, April 30, 2018

Michelle Wolf Smoked Smokey Eye Sanders.

Balls to the wall Michelle Wolf! What the heck is all the shock and awe about?
Seriously, where does all this pity for sociopath Sarah Sanders come from? She lies and gets paid for it. Treats pseudo journalists like crap and has no remorse. There's a reason she gets along so well with Trump,
 they are the same.
She does seem to have some emotion, usually, contempt, you can clearly see it whenever she opens her mouth. What I don't understand is why people aren't deeply uncomfortable with Sarah Sanders, but they are with Michelle Wolf.
If you don't feel nausea and revulsion when watching Sarah Sanders, you are missing a sensitivity chip.
I have had run ins with these types at work and at home.
Usually, when I am in the presence of one, I find a way to get away real quick, they make me so uncomfortable. They don't come to very good ends. One in my neighborhood got hauled to a psych ward for calling a suicide hotline, posing as an Australian, accent and all.
One was a manager of mine who wore boots even in the summer and treated us to daily marches and stomping. She finally got laid off and still cries on Facebook about how much fun she used to have at her job.
We didn't.
Hillary Clinton is also a good example of a sociopath.
So, when I see these useful idiots, crying about poor Sarah Sanders, I have to wonder if they are under some kind of mind control?
 A comedian gets hired to make jokes, truly, she was brilliant, she even made an abortion joke, you don't hear them often.
Sarah Sanders lies and insults people daily, while pretending to be some kind of holier-than-thou christian, but no one gets upset about that. Her behavior has some how become normalized. And by the way, the water in Flint is still undrinkable. But that's okay too.
I don't wonder any more about the people who voted for Trump and are probably watching Fox News or CNN, right now, being fed drivel that they will repeat, but they will never say they made a mistake voting for Trump.
Sarah Sanders, Trump defender, is exactly like those people.
They are so invested in this fairy tale that they can't walk it back and figure out how things went terribly wrong.
Trump the terrible, tweets insults almost daily, causes chaos so frequently, that Sarah Sanders might as well have a bucket and mop to clean up Trumps shitstorms.
Just, whatever you do no jokes about Sarah, who is of herself a farce of falsity, there is nothing real about her. She is a spinner of lies and rhetoric and she got caught in her own web of deceit.
Talk about snowflakes, the entire GOP are a bunch of whining pussies, who cry that Michelle Wolf, went too far, while their actions continue to degrade our society with tax cuts for the rich, infrastructure that's crumbling and healthcare denied to many. All that's ok.
It's hard to believe that people can be offended by a comedian, but not by our out of control military budget and millions if not billions of dollars in bombs dropped on countries that have done nothing to us.
Now, they want some kind of apology from Michelle Wolf.
What a bunch of crybabies.
Go home GOP, you're drunk.  Anyone else who thinks Michelle Wolf owes anything to anyone is delusional.
You should follow her on twitter, I do.
Ever hear of  narcissistic rage?
Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury, which is a perceived threat to a narcissist's self-esteem or self-worth
This is exactly the reaction we are witnessing to Michelle Wolfe's truth telling. It should tell you everything about the daily press briefings we are subjected to, if you still watch that crap on TV. Everyday ole Smokey Eye has to defend Trumps actions.
 I will bet anything that Trump is leading the charge on this weird moral outrage at a dinner he didn't even attend. Why? Because he can't take criticism. This incident pretty much proves that none of those one percenters can deal with the reality, that we think they are all rotten to the core.
They can just live with it. Their actions, including Sanders are despicable.
That's why they are held up to ridicule. I can;t wait until the next White House Correspondents  Dinner. I mean even the name is a joke.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Bush's Sacred Cow

No Kidding
Good Grief. the witch is dead.
I am guessing there will be wall to wall coverage, on a slow news day about this vile woman.
She gave birth to a lying war criminal, who put the W in WMD's. What an absolute travesty this country is, worshiping these people.
Such an unpleasant human being.
Telling people about  Hurricane Katrina victims being "underprivileged anyway" and living in arena's during Hurricane Katrina is "working very well for them"
Let them eat cake right Barbara?
I can't imagine how different this country would be without this family.
Especially her dimwitted, dry drunk, hyper-religious son, who led us into a war, based on nothing but lies.
No one ever mentions that.
 If it wasn't for Bush, there would be no Trump.

"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." H.L. Mencken 

Read it and weep, because this is where we are,  thanks to the Bush's and their special brand of morons.
These sacred cows that no one seems to have a bad thing to say about.
 Thank God I don't have a TV, so I wont be subjected to a barrage of homage to this out of touch wife to an ass grabber.
About the only person who has anything negative to say about old Bab's is Trump's buddy Roger Stone, who called her a "nasty drunk."
He's no prize either, but from what I have read, he's probably right on target.
I don't know what it is here in the good old rugged individualist USA, that makes American's delusional over this family.
There seems to be a lack of context or amnesia, about how this family operates. There's going to be a whole lot of people coming out of the woodwork trying to convince us how great Barbara Bush was.
So I'll just leave you with this. Do you feel freer & safer because of  George Bush?
(Doesn't matter which one)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fox and Trump's Friends

On this most sacred day of the year, Tax Day, just look at what our taxes are paying for!
Bombs dropped on Syria, (such a coincidence! while former FBI head Comey, comes out with a tell all book)
 And now we have a truth bomb!
At a Federal Court, Michael Cohen admitted his third client was Sean Hannity.
Gasps were heard in the court room, but really, who could even be surprised?
Hannity has denied ever being Cohen's client. So who's lying?
Hannity claims he only asked Cohen about real estate advice. Riiiiiight.
Michael Cohen has three clients; Trump, the former RNC chair, Elliot Broidy, who paid $1.6 million to a playboy playmate, arranged by Cohen.
 But Hannity just needed advice to figure out his real estate.
Funny, how Cohen gave Stormy Daniels $130,000 to silence her and get an NDA. So, I wondered, if that was really what Hannity and Cohen discussed in a lawyer client, non-client conversation not invoiced.
Hannity has had sexual harassment allegations of his own.
 It was about a year ago a political commentator named Debby Schlussel said after refusing to go back to Sean Hannity's hotel room, she said she found Hannity's behavior "creepy" and she was never asked on Fox News again. (Personally, I would be relieved)
She also accused Hannity, of scamming his viewers and asking for donations, for his "Freedom Alliance" charity. Schlussel, made allegations that he was funding private transportation for his family from donations, which Hannity denied.
Now that we got the Hannity bombshell, does anyone even remember we just bombed Syria?
"Mission Accomplished!"
Again? What mission? What did we accomplish? Unbelievably weird and creepy that Trump would quote Bush, and his false WMD excuse to set the Middle East on fire.
The cost of the "airstrike"?
Since I guess that's the euphemism for bombing people.
 $240 million.
A week in office and Bloodthirsty Bolton ticks another bombing off his list it's Syria now and we know what country is next; Iran.
This is what I am looking at for May.
We have two potential foreign policy debacles.
The first being North Korea. Trump agreed to a meeting with Kim Jong Un, brokered by South Korean envoys. This happened while former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was in Africa, if you recall. This may turn into nothing and just go away.
The next will be the "Iran Deal" Trump is now surrounded by hawk advisers Pompeo and Bolton. I am not real hopeful about anything here, remotely peaceful or diplomatic. Trump threw that out the window a long time ago. Sen. Bob Corker  has predicted that Trump will distance himself from the Iran deal. The reason may be that Iran has already threatened to pull out if it is not in their economic favor.
Also I was just checking out Craigs List, in DC. Looks like someone might need a lawyer, or is that Fake News?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Storm In The Swamp

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Sean. He's in the Army National Guard, rabid Trump supporter. So, he told me. he thought Trump was crazy.
Let that sink in.
I said, "Why did you vote for him then?"
He replied "Because, I didn't want her" (that's some choice, Trump or "her")
Trump just didn't suddenly start acting crazy. He's just in a fishbowl now, so it's more visible.
 The people like my friend Sean, who voted for Trump, could easily be triggered by something on Facebook. He calls it the "morning paper."
So, today, Mark Zuckerberg's going to do some kind of apologist act and slink back to his Hawaiian hidey hole behind his own giant wall. It's just a show, it's just business.
Yesterday, the FBI special prosecutor, secured a search warrant and raided Trump's friend, confident or lawyer's office. Because there may have been some illegal activity, especially when it comes to Trump's affair and Cohen's $130,000 pay off to porn star, sex worker? Stormy Daniels.
I am not saying Trump is the first to conduct himself like this.
What I am saying, is there has been nothing but chaos since he got in office.
Where you find chaos you find mental illness.
I always say, it's actions you have to look at.
We are under the power of a grandstanding grand poobah, threatening war, bombs and sometimes carrying out those threats.
In countries that are powerless to hit back at us. So much winning.
Trump continues on with the same scenario, that Obama and Bush before him maintained.
Nothing new there.
North Korea, well nothing new there either. It's nothing but an embarrassment. We should be well away from there and the Middle East, but got to keep the war machine going, thanks to the new so-called budget that got passed.

If things don't pan out for Trump, I expect more war, not that it's ever stopped.
We already deployed warships to the Mediterranean, equipped with cruise missiles, to fight a proxy war with Russia in Syria.
It will be based around another supposed chemical attack, like the "red line" attack in 2013. Then again, in 2014, then another in 2017, in April, almost exactly a year ago. I find it very hard to believe that Trump puts out that we are leaving Syria days ago, and now we are all in.
With yet another chemical attack.
Anything to distract from the Special Prosecutor.
Now Trump's Homeland Security adviser, Tom Bossart has resigned, rumor has it, he's no friend of warmonger Bolton. But Bolton will continue on with the Neocon war plan since 9/11 of Iraq and all the other Middle Eastern countries on the list that General Wesley Clark said he saw;

What really sucks after seven years of blogging about the corruption, the lies, the false flags.
 It just falls on deaf ears, tuned into CNN or Fox News or whatever the TV is telling people to believe.
My friend Sean believes it all. His biggest goal is to get a deployment. He just may.
This country depends on war, for TV viewers and ratings, for the MIC, for people like Sean, who's only hope to make halfway decent money is a deployment.
We have a psychopath in charge of this country, (nothing new there) he has no problem causing chaos to distract us, and the swamp will do anything to keep from being drained.