Sunday, November 22, 2015

"The Big Event"

For me, the first act of terrorism I can remember, isn't 9/11, it's the assassination of President Kennedy. I remember the black and white TV delivering the terrible news and my mother crying. It was probably the first time I ever saw my mother cry, I was too young to understand anything and was bewildered by what was going on. This feeling of complete confusion, of things just turning upside down is one which would become very familiar to me later in life. It seemed as though my childhood was littered with bodies of men who may have changed the future, so they never got the chance. These things never made sense to me. Some random dude shoots the President, then another random dude shoots the dude who shot the President in a police station. Makes sense, right?
Now we know that it makes no sense, it doesn't take much digging to find the CIA connection to the Kennedy assassination. Oddly enough, a CIA plot to kill the President makes a whole lot of sense.
The deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, not accidents. These killings didn't just "happen", they were orchestrated. I am not alone in the belief, that there was a CIA plot to kill Kennedy, the last poll says 62% of Americans believe the same thing.
When I was a teenager, Watergate was everywhere and always on TV. My mom would set up her ironing board and watch the hearings. Then the President resigned and President Ford pardoned him, so, ya know, there wouldn't be any long drawn out proceedings. People going to jail for a joint, but something of this magnitude, nope. This reminds me very much of how "we can't look back" at the economic meltdown and bank bailout. How no one is responsible for two wars, based on lies. We know that there were warnings, yet, hijacked planes, on 9/11, just flew into buildings and there was no military response. On that day, I remember that same feeling I had when President Kennedy was shot, the complete confusion of that attack, then I didn't have the knowledge I do now.
When I first heard about the Paris attacks, I got that same bewildered feeling, then I had the thought, oh, it's Friday the 13th. Not some random date. Then I read that the police had the so-called mastermind Salah and let him go. You're kidding. That's no accident. I just don't believe in coincidences anymore. I am not making light of the loss of life, the heartbreak and grief going on in Paris, but it's not lost on me that now there's even more bombing in Syria, what's it gonna be? Another war? It's kind of getting old, but here's something that never get's old, co-opting the tragedy in Paris to call for more surveillance here in America, home of the freaked out, Fox News watching morons. Our economy has been in the doldrums for some time and there's nothing like war power to enrich weapons makers to prop up our "free market" economy. So it goes, more war creating more terrorists and more terror.
I don't watch TV anymore, in fact, I threw it out, besides cable being so expensive it's the amount of crap we're being fed and all the fear mongering. I am sure the footage of the Paris attacks were being shown over and over, that's something I just don't want to see. I have opted out of corporate control of what comes into my home. I opt out of being told stories and more propaganda. I believe very little of what I read, facts and logic seems to have been thrown out of daily discourse. You get to the point where you know that things are never what they seem. When the all too familiar call to arms and blame on some disenfranchised group flares up in a never ending war scenario, the only thing you can do is turn away, I am sorry about what has happened in Paris, but I am sorrier still that there is nothing that can be done, because profit and corruption drives it all and I refuse to play by those rules.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I am making a quick post about the horrible attack in Paris. In case it can help. Please share so French citizens may find shelter if they are in need



Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dubya's Doddering Old Dad

Donald Trump was on SNL,who cares? Why anyone pays an attention to that blowhard is beyond me.
Here's a blowhard that got some attention this week. It was 41, yes, that's what he's called in his family. He's a number.The 41st president of the United States and he decided to out his son as being bullied by Cheney and Rumsfeld, poor little Dubya was served badly by his aides. 
What gets me so mad about the Bush's is the total denial that a war was fought on the basis of lies, for profit and thousands have died. The Middle East is a nightmare because of Bush's meddling but it's all Cheney's and Rummy's fault. There's enough blame to go around, but the fact that no one has been accountable for the spying on the American people, the torture, the lying. That is the real problem.  Now dear old Dad has a book coming out and he decides the time is right to keep it real, to bad he didn't do that with his son. Thanks for that!
Another problem for me is that I remember when this whole Iraq War went down, I knew it was all bullshit, but God forbid you said so, just look at how the Dixie Chicks were crucified.
But hey, we can't look back. We aren't supposed to have a memory I guess.
History will be Dubya's judge, because there's no political will to bring a war criminal to justice. Jebby's run for the presidency has been nothing more than a joke since he backs his brother all the way, explaining to us that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a "pretty good deal" was it? Was it a good deal for all the veterans who fought that war and are now committing suicide in droves?  Was it a good deal for all the families who lost their sons, daughters, husbands and wives? I can't even imagine their pain. To describe that war as a "good deal" as if it was a business transaction, which I'm sure it pretty much was, Cheney's Halliburton profited mightily, as well as all the other defense contractors. The Bush's have been in the business of war for profit for a long time and that includes George H.W. Bush, "good deal" doesn't even come close to describing it. I guess 41 think's it's all Destiny and Power. I think it's corruption and greed, but who cares what I think.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Matter Of Time

Once upon a time, there was a war, this war used a lot of fuel, there was a lot less for the people, so, it was decided to utilize Daylight Savings Time and people wouldn't need as much fuel. When the war was over, Daylight Savings Time ended, the people rejoiced, their clocks could stay the same forever! Sadly, there was another war and another shortage of fuel, another Daylight Savings Time was reinstated. When the war was over, there was no more Daylight Savings Time, unless a state felt like keeping it.
In 1966 the government mandated Daylight Savings Time for everyone, so all around the country there would be a standard uniform time. Because they had extended light at the end of the day the people could shop and go to Home Depot and spend money because more light means more consumers consuming.
Daylight Savings Time started as a way to save energy, even thought there is no evidence that this is so. However, the Chamber of Commerce says sales go up, so Daylight Savings Time must go on! Despite the fact that nobody gives a crap about it and now they have to go all around the house changing the alarm clocks and digital appliance clocks and the coffee maker clock. The Chamber of Commerce has their people do this for them, therefore, they aren't bothered by the inconvenience. If they like Daylight Savings Time so much, why don't they make it permanent?
One reason is little Johnny and Jane would have to walk to the bus stop in the dark. Because schools start at an hour when most children would probably just be waking up. The horrendous early hours school system is not conducive to learning, but is conducive if you like tired children at school laying their heads down on their desk and sleeping, because it's too damn early to be at school. But I digress.
The other reason? An act by Congress, not much hope there, since they all take money from the Chamber of Commerce lobby. We the people, don't get any money from the Chamber of Commerce lobby, so what people want doesn't matter and we just have to go along with nonsensical, illogical rules like changing our clocks when you don't want to, after having been convinced that it's for the peoples good because they are saving so much energy. Which is all a sham, so the people will be busy changing all the clocks, sometimes people miss one and don't discover it for a day or two. No one at work has time to change the clocks so they will be off too. For some reason or other, some clocks won't be changed and people may see a clock while driving around, that hasn't been changed, maybe at the local Chamber of Commerce. One day, maybe the clocks won't have to be changed and it will always be Daylight Savings Time and the people will all live happily ever after. As long as there's daylight, people will spend even  money on cheap crap from China, they buy at Walmart, all is right with the world, no matter what time it is.