Saturday, July 29, 2017

Actions Speak Louder Than Tweets (Deeds Not Words)

When dealing with chaos, I usually hang back an observe. I don't react, I research and I use a valuable tool; discernment. This is crucial when dealing with individuals trying to provoke a reaction, usually for attention, although there can be other reasons why people cause situations to erupt.
It can be for purposes of manipulation, control or just your average temper tantrum or rant. Unfortunately I have been around a handful of these types of people. Always, when these types of people are in power or in your vicinity, you need to remove yourself.
Out of control people, who aren't disciplined or thoughtful and controlled by impulses are a bad combination.
One of the reasons I have not been writing that much about Trump. is because I know this kind of chaos only escalates, He is like a car without brakes. I expect this chaos to continue, we are also,  living with a government that refuses to govern. There is nothing but gridlock.
The reasons for this I have documented over many years. Our representatives are controlled by corporations via lobbyists by "donations" i.e. bribes. They have no interest in doing anything other than getting re-elected, so the gravy train can continue and they can walk away millionaires.
There's a lot of talk, but it's actions you need to watch.
One thing that was very apparent to me, during the whole healthcare debacle was that, despite the media circus, it was going to come to nothing. People have been outraged by the thought of their healthcare being used for a political football.
The Republicans have had seven years to come up with a visionary plan to improve healthcare for the people who elected them. There was lots of talk, but no real action. Nothing of substance, just a bunch of promises. In the end, after two women fought like hell to keep the out of control GOPTeaparty dudes from getting their barbaric "skinny bill" passed.(why does anything with the word "skinny" in it, seem like it's cutting off fat, like its a damn gastric bypass?)  Senator McCain, freshly diagnosed with brain cancer, sporting stitches over his eye, is flown out to the Capitol Colosseum, like a conquering hero, but wait! First, he votes yes to drag things out a bit longer and keep the circus going, only to ultimately vote no. A senator, who is enjoying the best healthcare and will never have to worry he can't afford treatment.
You can bet, that defeat won't end things. The psychopaths want to burn the ACA down, this will continue. In my experience when things don't go their way, psychopaths like these just double down.
Now lets get to the psychopath in charge, I just hope I have enough room to type all this, because there's a lot of chaos to sort out.
Monday, July 24, Lets start with Trump's son-in-law Kushner and his closed door session with the Senate Intelligence committee. The Saturday previous, Trump came out with his Grand Pardon tweet that he can pardon himself, his family and who knows who else?  Kushner has at least 70 business investments he failed to disclose and Ivanka is living off a trust fund from her clothing business she promised to distance herself from. Okay. next! Because with everything that's happened this week, no one even remembers it.
Also on Monday, July 24, after Spicer's resignation on Friday, over his replacement Scaramucci who seems pretty scary, and is known for previous disparaging remarks about Trump is the new communications director.
Again, on Monday, July 24, the healthcare debacle continues with provisions, including the plan to defund Planned Parenthood that would be a violation of the Byrd Rule. They would need 60 votes to push these provisions through, as we know now they didn't have them.
Also, the Minneapolis Police Chief was forced to step down over a wrongful shooting of an Austrailian woman. 9 migrants died in a truck in Texas, desperate to leave Mexico. There was also a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, 35 people died. I am only scratching the surface of what happened on one day. Let's move on.
Tuesday, July 25, the Senate announced their healthcare BS plan was going to be put to a vote and is now open for debate, this was the crucial vote Mike Pence made to break the tie, McCain helped to prolong the agony. What a hero.
 Kushner spends another day with the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Trump tweets about Sessions not going after Hillary Clinton in order to deflect attention from his family's business problems (this is a classic in the psychopath handbook) It's being floated out that Trump is considering that weasel Guiliani or Ted Cruz to replace the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions for recusing himself, from this latest scandal. Perfectly legal and sensible. If I were Sessions I would run and fast.
Wednesday, July 26,  More grandstanding from Republicans, acting like they are actually going to go through with their repeal and replace, while 100 protesters are arrested. The Senate still couldn't muster 60 votes, they got 43. That didn't stop them, the farce continues.
Trump continued his online bullying campaign on Sessions, Kushner is still testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee, the House votes to block the White House efforts to lessen the bill on Russian Sanctions for interfering in the elections.
Trump goes to Ohio and starts going off on Iran, even though Iran has complied with their nuclear obligations. Just another attempt to stir the turd and create more confusion so no one looks too close at Trumps family. He also asserted that he can be "more Presidential than any President, except Lincoln". Good to know he has at least one limitation.
Thursday, July 27, Trump decides to tweet that Transgender people aren't going to be allowed to serve in the military. Going against all his lofty campaign BS about his support for the LGBTQ community. My thought was, since when is a tweet an actual law? Is it an Executive Order?
How can a tweet be interpreted as Trump legally being allowed to discriminate willy-nilly?
Is he just going to tell them "You're Fired!"???
The Senate in it's ongoing LALA Land, Repeal without Replacing, unsurprisingly got voted down again. Now they can only hope for the "skinny bill" that sounds so damn dumb, but that doesn't matter to them.
Also Trump decides to appoint Pete Hoekstra, Republican Congressman, a Teapartier, against LGBTQ rights to be Ambassador to the Netherlands. God only knows what kind of  tomfoolery went on for him to get that position. The Netherlands has one of the most tolerant societies in the world. So we send this ignoramus overseas to prove how ignorant we are. Sigh.
Friday July 28,  The Skinny ain't happening and John McCain saves the day, while the women who fought all along are ignored; Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska and Susan Collins, R-Maine. So this whole ridiculous waste of time, resulting in nothing, except the "appearance" of doing something. Lisa Murkowski R-Alaska, was threatened by the Secretary of the Interior, that her state would not be able to go forward with energy projects and the funding to support them. Classic, threats of financial abuse, a useful tool for psychopaths. he didn't do that on his own, Trump ordered that.
Do you really think this is the first time he has done that? Nope.
I guess the Senate has to prove they can do something, so it's time to go after Russia, and they approve a Russian Sanctions bill. God knows we need a war so let's ratchet it up. After voting no, a man who never met a war he didn't like, McCain is all in and got to vote yes! This is all for "alleged meddling" No one has given any hard evidence of this so-called meddling, that apparently only the US is allowed to do.
Lindsey Graham came out (let's not go there) against Trump saying there will be "Holy Hell" if Trump fires Jeff Sessions. Also the Department of Justice  argued that civil rights do not protect LGBTQ people from employment discrimination.
I saved the best for last, with Reince Priebus being fired. This useless rat is now saying he resigned Thursday, but who believes anything these liars say? Another General, John Kelly from DHS is taking his place.
My point being, in documenting all of this chaos, at least 15 political incidents in one week, and I probably missed a lot more is, what average person can keep up with this? It took me hours of reading all week long to keep informed of everything that's going on. It reminds me so much of what I heard and saw growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland, not far away from where John Mitchell had an accident on Connecticut Ave, driving away from a party. While two reporters were about to blow the lid off of DC.
 This is to give people some context, as to my perspective of the way I am looking at this political insanity. Most people don't remember how confusing and chaotic that time was.
Most people, are too busy and distracted to remember what happened on Monday, let alone Friday.
Everyone I know who voted for Trump, do not talk about any of the things he's done. They don't know the details of the healthcare bills that were voted on and voted down this week. People are not engaged in any civil discourse and just hang on to empty campaign promises that are being reversed, as usual and Trump is not alone in this. When are people going to wake up and stop voting for these liars? Why do they consent to go out on a Tuesday rushing to and from work to vote for people who don't give a damn?
This situation is only going to get worse and the stranger it gets with Trump, means that we will have to endure more distractions, confusion and maybe even another 9/11 event, or another economic crises, for rich people to get richer, like the Trump family, while the rest of us pay, and guess what?
With almost half the people in this country living in poverty, things could get ugly.
In the meantime, there will be more weeks like this. More tweets and online bullying from a man who thinks he can tweet and it's as good as law. It's delusional.
That's why you have to look at actions.
What is actually getting done?
What is actual law?
Who is actually matching their words with their actions?
                                                                 Deeds Not Words
                                                       Dropkick Murphy's
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

I, Trumpius

Long time, no see.
I've been busy having a summer, offline. Which has been really wonderful.
 Until, I get online and see what the world has been up too. One thing that I noticed this week was this;
How creepy is he? I wanted to be shocked, but no, this guy acts like a bad online date from Plenty of Freaks. Donald Trump is probably in my dating pool. Since 70 year old dudes think they can get younger women, just like Donald Trump has. He is so bizarre.  However, I have met plenty like him. Guys who blurt out; "nice rack." You name it, they say it, that is, when they aren't outright groping you.
Trumps reminds me of some kind of Roman Emperor.
I think he has a lot in common with Claudius. Claudius, had  nephew named Caligula.
Nice family right?
Claudius was also an "outsider" the first emperor, born outside Italy.
Trump was thought of as an outsider.
"Potential enemies didn't see him as a serious threat" sound familiar? This was written about Claudius, but could easily be the way Trump was viewed by the GOP early in the election.
 Claudius, had a huuuuuge infrastructure program, building aqueducts, canals and roads.
Trump has a new infrastructure plan, but no idea when that will happen.
 Rome wasn't built in a day!
Claudius came to power through the murder of his nephew, Caligula, by the Praetorian guard and some senators. The rumor was Claudius knew all about it, but there was no evidence. Claudius liked to use his family connections, as a sort of brand, taking the name Caesar, also the name Augustus, and deleting Nero.
He was the first to use bribery regarding the military. Not necessarily a black budget, but I am guessing there was a Roman Military Complex that had to be maintained, conquests and annexations of other countries were the order of the day. Much like say, Trump and Qatar, (since son-in-law Kushner couldn't get them to loan him half a billion for his Fifth Avenue under-water property) perhaps another surge in Afghanistan? When you are an Emperor, you need more empire. You also need more money to vanquish the enemy, that's why the House just passed a $696 billion defense spending bill upgrade for the MIC.
 It's interesting that Claudius was dealing with the issues of who was a citizen and who wasn't?
Not much has changed, including a crackdown on people living in Rome, who were not considered citizens. In most cases people were given citizenship, but in some cases, "false citizenship" was considered a capital offence.
This seems to be a never ending problem. Especially for empires causing mass migration, from endless war, coups and mayhem. The difference being, that if you were in a Roman territory, you were also considered a Roman citizen. America just pillages, then waits for refugees to migrate.
The Roman senate had a good deal of people hostile to Claudius, so Claudius reduced their power. The American senate or congress for that matter can barely get anything done and there is barely anything but silence from them when it comes to Trump, unless he's tweeting about a female reporter's plastic surgery. He got some pushback, but I doubt he cared...
Claudius had to deal with several coups. 35 senators and 300 knights were killed during his reign. There's already been suggestions, that there has been a coup here in the USA, which is why Trump has not kept many of his campaign promises. Healthcare for everyone, yeah, right.
He kept GITMO open! MAGA!
Claudius was fond of gladiatorial matches, kind of like Trump and WWE

Claudius even fought a Killer Whale trapped in a harbor! Why? Did he need the ultimate fish story?   He got a bunch of his army buddies to spear the poor thing, it was already trapped from having nets thrown on it.
 I could totally see Trump doing that.
Claudius married four times, so Trump needs another go round to catch up with Claudius.
Get this, Claudius had "weak hands" Trumps got tiny hands. Sometime's he gets a smacked hand.

It's been a pretty strange summer. While we watch America do NOTHING GREAT, AGAIN.
It's pretty much guaranteed we will continue declining like Rome did, I look forward to seeing more bizarre behavior from the Cheeto-in-chief, more idiotic tweets, more excuses, maybe trying to pull another foreign dignitary's arm off?
 We are winning, so bigly.