Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Now President Trump?

What can you say about a bunch of politicians, so out of touch, that they didn't see this coming? Everyone I knew and some I didn't, said they were voting for Trump. New Jersey, the state I live in, went to Hillary. I suspect, that's because North Jersey, close to Wall Street voted for Clinton. The states closest to money making Silicon Valley, or defense contractor military states, went for Clinton. The problem is, most Americans aren't getting much benefit from corporate welfare, they have been feeling it since an economic crises that started a decade ago, sending them on a downward spiral most haven't recovered from. They are angry and frustrated.
That's where Trump got it.
As much as I'd have liked to vote for a woman for president, I wasn't going to do it, just because Hillary was a woman.
 I didn't vote for anyone.
These candidates were seriously lacking. It's not a choice. However, I do understand why my fellow Americans voted the way they did.
The problem is, I don't think Trump is going to make a difference for any of these Americans. I am trying to remember when a politician actually improved anything in an average Americans life. It's true you may be able to point to Obamacare, but now the premiums have gone up to an un-affordable level for too many Americans, so much for The Affordable Care Act.
What can you say about the MSM? How wrong they got it and pedaled their propaganda, not realizing people are onto them, we get our news from other sources. American's are tired of the lies.
The warmongering, the anti Russian sentiment trickling down from President Obama. Americans are war weary. We have had enough, especially after Obama's promises of ending Iraq and Afghanistan. It's still ongoing and we are interfering with Syria, Yeman, on and on. We are sick of spending our treasure in far flung countries we have no business being in. The Military Industrial Complex very existence depends on war and threats of war. I have no idea how Trump will stop The Pentagon war machine or if he'll even try. He's said he's going to go to war with ISIS, so it goes...What scares me isn't that Trump got elected, but before the election 300,000 NATO troops were put on high alert on the Russian border. Why? It's almost as if someone wants to push a button there, because they know Trump won't.
The fact is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, this happened before in 2000 with Al Gore. This only shows that perhaps the electoral college BS needs to go. If the popular vote doesn't matter then there's something seriously wrong, not that anything will change there. The way I seriously doubt that the corruption feeding government politicians is going to change under a Trump presidency.
There's some jubilation in America today, average Americans feel as if they have finally been heard. While those backing Clinton feel let down in this process, it's sad. Hope and change got us nowhere over the last 8 years. We have to look after ourselves. I doubt President Trump is going to be able to do what he says he will, especially with a Republican controlled House and Senate, who in the past have shown an unwillingness to spend any money that didn't help their corporate overlords.That's who's really in charge. Can President Trump change that? Would he even be willing to try? Until we get out of the hands of the shadow government that is really running things, nothing is going to change. Now that Republicans will be running the show, who will they blame if they don't improve the lives of the millions of Americans who voted for them?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If We Could Turn Back Time

 Last night I watched CNN with a friend of mine and good old Wolf Blitzer was interviewing a Republican congressman about Hillary Clinton and all the emails, he tried at least three times to get this "expert" to say the word Russia.
They haven't come out and said the Russian government has done anything, because they can't prove anything. I find it really weird that this tired old Cold War Russian boogieman is being used, again. Trump is in with the Russians, and they are trying to take down Hillary. Really? But if you watch CNN or Fox, I am pretty sure you probably think what Wolf Blitzer says or Sean Hannity says is true.
Whatever mainstream media plays out, seems far removed from reality for everyday Americans. I haven't talked to anyone when I am out getting my coffee who thinks about Russia at all, at least not anyone from my generation and younger. This Russian McCarthy era communism crap is over.
What I do hear is there is a great mistrust of Hillary. I live in a very Republican small New Jersey town. These people are angry and bitter and they are voting Trump. I haven't talked to anyone who wants to vote for Hillary. That will probably be the people in Northern New Jersey, closer to the epicenter of the ruling class, in New York City.
Everyday there are more leaks, more emails, more FBI, more Russia, maybe with some Syria thrown in for good measure, another place Americans are weary of.
 Rest assured, if Hillary is elected we will get more war, defense contractors will get wealthier. There is no way out of this vicious cycle. We need an enemy whether by proxy or direct confrontation. Wall Street needs to keep the banks propped up, that keep the oil industry investments going. Big oil will continue to pepper spray, tase and shoot rubber bullets, using National Guards paid for with the American peoples tax dollars, until they can find a way to disburse Native Americans and steal Treaty land, again. So it goes...
You just can't make this stuff up. Could you get a more dysfunctional government, incapable of governing? Then you are offered a "choice" of two of the most unlikable candidates ever, since maybe Herbert Hoover or President Polk, You are expected to swallow this poison in the voting booth. You can elect Hillary and maintain the status quo if you are content with that or vote for Trump and anything can happen, however, he doesn't want a war.
Really? We are using DST from OVER 50 years ago!
How is that progress?
Just to reinforce America's dysfunction, this weekend we have to set our clocks back an hour, in order to stay in the last century. I have already blogged more than once about this quaint tradition that we keep to because studies show that the retail industry makes more money with daylight savings time. No one likes it, no one wants to lose an hours time, but Americans just go along with it and don't even know why. It's a lot like voting. You don't really like or want either of these candidates, but you go and vote any way, wasting time that could be put to better use.
No thanks.
Nothing against Cher, but that's a weird war like propaganda vid on a battleship. Look at her sitting on that giant cannon!