Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Price Of Peace

It's $40 billion, in case you are wondering. The United States gives Israel $40 billion, bear in mind, we have no money for Social Security, people living on the streets, a heroin epidemic, people who can't afford healthcare, but we are all up in Israels grill, throwing money at them. Why?
Strange how the US "colluded" with and now the UN has handed down some 'harsh" criticism of Israel, God forbid! Anybody say anything about Israel.
The UN resolution demands that Israel stop all settlements in Palestinian Territory and East Jerusalem, and that the settlements that are there, are, basically, illegal.
Palestinian leaders say they will use this decision, to litigate in International Criminal Court.
This UN resolution is just basically a statement. It doesn't do anything, back in February, they handed down a decision about Julian Assange and he's still holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy. I am not sure what exactly the UN actually does, except try and remain relevant.
There's a huge refugee crises and the UN says it's broke, They have a budget of "$19.52bn (£12.84bn), but only $7.15bn of that has been raised from international donors."
 Let that sink in.
The pricetag for the United States is $8 billion. It looks like the refugee problem is taking up the entire allotment of US money. And well it should, since we have caused so many problems for the Middle East, we will probably never stop paying.
The United Nations humanitarian budget is somewhere between $20 billion and $30 billion.
We give Israel, $40 billion to buy what exactly?
Military aid, bombs and other weapons. We willingly give billions for weapons that make war, but money to take care of displaced, traumatized people?
Well sorry, we need to give way more to countries willing to keep our war corporations flush.
But we supposedly, desperately want peace.
Why is the go-to for every leaving administration in the US, a peace agreement with Israel? I mean why is that our job? Isn't there another country out there that could do better? Because we have failed at this again and again.
Looks like that didn't work out.
What about this time? 
                                                      What could possibly go wrong?
Here we are in 2016, will Obama get his Israel photo shoot? It's like a presidential rite of passage. So now, Ketchup Kerry is jetting his way around the world, trying to keep Netanyahu calm in an effort to stop a machine built to cause chaos and mayhem, known as the US military industrial complex in Israel. 
Why is Netanyahu angry about this UN Resolution? He's got everything he wants and more, he does whatever he wants, that's pretty obvious. The UN can only pass a resolution, it can't stop Israel from doing whatever it wants to do. 
Will we put sanctions on Israel, the way President Obama is planning to do with Russia over the supposed "hacking" of our election? Which was really a leaking and we don't know who did that.
It's completely confusing. 
The US can go into multiple countries and bomb the crap out of them, Israel does the same thing to the Palestinians, we don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to credibility or peace talks or treaties. Why not let Switzerland negotiate with Israel, aren't they neutral? 
These are the burning issues for President Obama, with the little time he's got left in office. Another useless gesture, there's no hope and change you can sell us this time, Mr. President, what we sell are weapons of mass destruction. What we need to sell are weapons of mass construction.
 I think Jimmy Carter had the right idea there, with Habitat For Humanity. 
We are the worlds greatest sales force for weaponry, polluting the planet and securing our own and everyone else's demise.
 No matter what we say, our actions give us away, it's a joke. 
We spend $598 billion dollars on our military. We give billions in military aid to other countries, we are global weapons trafficers. Americans don't even know what is done with all the money in our own military budget, because of the nature of  their covert, classified operations. Our supposed reason for giving so much money to other countries is to help keep them "stable". Our biggest war markets are Israel and Egypt. Jordan, also loves buying our military crap. 
You can't sell all of this violence and then act like you want peace, it doesn't quantify. It needs to stop. But what would happen to all those lovely corporations, if we cut our sales force? What if we stopped paying other countries to buy our weapons? Because that is what we are doing. You can't give Israel billions of dollars in military equipment and then tell them that they can't use it on Palestinians, not after what we've done in Iraq or South America or Iran causing coups and chaos. If we really want peace we've got to stop our meddling in other countries affairs, saying we want"stability" while we go about destabilizing on a global level. The UN can pass all the resolutions it wants, Here's a resolution for you, UNSC Resolution 1441, giving Iraq an "opportunity" to comply, back in 2002, and give up their weapons of mass destruction, they never had. That should tell you everything you need to know about the UN, peace on earth and goodwill towards men. 
It'll cost you.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Make America Grate Again With Trumps Band Of Brigands

There's this saying in art school; you have to break it down before you can build it up again. I believe that is what's going on in the US now.
If we can go  back (I know we aren't supposed to) to an example I have used many times.
Watch President Obama's face when this woman asks him basically, what in the hell are you doing? She's confused by President Obama's actions because they don't match his words.
What does he do? He laughs.
This is just one example of why the Democrat Party is the shambles it is, and the Republicans aren't better off either. I think that unfortunately, for America, Trump had to happen. Everything he does is in your face, Check out all the people he will be filling his cabinet with. This isn't much different from Obama's choices. We now know that Obama's choices were  influenced by Citigroup (see email here) How is it there is so much complaining about Trump? Seriously, it's weird.
Next is the "Russian Hack" of our election that "sources say" went on. Here's what I want to know; if Russia influenced our election, where was the NSA, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI? How is it when all my text messages, phone calls and emails can be swept up and dissected, Russia can just swoop in and hack our election? Who's watch would be responsible for protecting the American people from this? Is anyone stepping up saying they were derelict in their duty or why or how it could have happened?
Here's one, of the more cogent articles on the supposed Russian Hack, from The Intercept, stating that we need proof, Bearing in mind the CIA also told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, sending the US into one of the worst debacles in its history of war on the Middle East. Who are you supposed to believe anymore?
Certainly, not any mainstream media sources.
There's been a lot of "Chicken Little's" crying about Trumps choices for his cabinet. Rick Perry for Energy Secretary, Ben "I can't remember Running For President" Carson, HUD Secretary. Yes, it's all laughable. But Jack Lew, CEO at Citigroup was in Obama's cabinet. Eric Holder, who represented Swiss bank UBS, in private practice. Billionaire John Ketchup Kerry, Secretary of State, I don't have enough time to look up all these people. They are all corporatists, Trumps not any different, he's just lousy at finesse and nuance.
Hillary, and her shady Clinton Foundation connections would be no different.
Does anyone even remember George W. Bush's disastrous presidency and Haliburton, Blackwater-Dick Cheney? It just blows my mind that no one can see this trajectory of failure leading right to the election of Trump.
There has been nothing but status quo in this country for decades, resulting in a vanished and vanquished middle class, with half the country in poverty and half the country doesn't even vote. Coincidence? I don't think so.
So the only people that care who Trump is going to put in his cabinet, are the people who didn't vote for him. Even though Presidents have been doing what he's doing for a long, long time. He's not going to drain the swamp. He's having a laugh, the same way Obama laughed at that woman in that video.
If you don't get by now that the system is broken, that the government is a moneymaking opportunity and getting voted in can solve all of your financial problems permanently, then by all means keep voting.
 I won't comply with this system by voting, thereby giving my approval to walls and wars and all manner of nonsense that has nothing to do with every day Americans just trying to get by. Apparently, there haven't been enough examples of politicians ripping off the citizenry and they are endlessly surprised that things stay the same or get even worse. Go figure.
The whole thing needs to be taken apart and built from scratch again. We are living in a different technological age than the quill scratchers of over 200 years ago. It's not that they didn't have good ideas but we need to change, and that's not going to be easy. We have automation that's laying waste to millions of jobs and manufacturing is gone. No economist or the government has even begun to face the fact that the concept of work has changed and all this technology was supposed to make life easier, not harder! Yet, we are constantly told to bootstrap it. It's like running around quoting Socrates while you get into your Uber ride, that's driverless, as if that's going to explain the complicated chaotic life Americans are negotiating on a daily basis. This disconnect, like Obama laughing at that woman's confusion is what we are all up against, only it's just not very funny. We are living through a time unlike any other, maybe the dawn of the Industrial Age, but we seem to be no smarter, dealing with drastic social upheaval than we were 200 years ago. Enter Trump, to make America great again. Moving forward isn't happening, because voting is like getting into a driverless car that's going to get us to some magical destination. Where picnics and apple pie are waiting for us. Looking at the past to take us to the future.
I can't even pretend to know what it is going to take to change this country for the better, But I do know this, doing things the way we have been for the last thirty years or more hasn't made America great. The ideas I have would probably make FDR blush. I bet there are a lot of people out there, just like me, they have ideas, that won't be heard, because that would require change and that's not going to least not yet.

Monday, December 5, 2016

#NoDAPL Won The Battle, The War Is Not Over

I wanted to congratulate all the brave water protectors at Standing Rock. I have been reading with horror, the absolute madness that has been going on there for far too long. Those people endured violations to their safety and civil rights in the name of clean water, on their own sacred land, while Obama decided "Let's play it out a few more weeks."
Since that time, countless injuries from rubber bullets, pepper spray, concussion grenades and water cannon, reminiscent of the Civil Rights protests from the 60's scenes were playing in most sane people's heads, who actually have a memory of that time. Unbelievable.
Once I saw that 2,000 veterans were heading to Standing Rock, I thought that this was a pivotal point. When the military gets involved in a revolution, that's a game changer. Is it any coincidence that now we hear from the government? The Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit to keep this abomination of a pipeline going. That's all it took to stop it. Why so long?
It's a disgrace.
Most Americans that I cross paths with could care less, they are too busy watching TV "reporters" decipher Trumps tweets. They have very little knowledge and are engaged in a battle for their financial lives, they don't have the time or energy to research what is really happening at Standing Rock or anywhere else, but their own dinner table. There was not much I could do besides blog about it, sign petitions, try and explain this situation to normal people just trying to get through their day, and for the most part they just think I am just some crazy old lady who paints and draws, you know, one of those weird 'artsy" types. Like anyone else, I just want a peaceful life, with time to pursue my work and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, I have a weird sense of justice, when I see people getting taken advantage of it pisses me off. Standing Rock, was one such situation. Their war isn't over, but they won this battle.
Most days, when I am going about my business, I have this weird question in my mind of what it is to be an American? It is a strange thing to live in a country that causes so many problems worldwide, in an attempt to prop up the Petrodollar with misadventures in violence based on lies, everywhere. We give billions of dollars to Israel while we bleed out our own country, and millions of Americans are living in poverty. Drone wars and military hardware sales to Saudi Arabia rule the day, while Native Americans who don't have anything, live on land this country keeps trying to take back, gave enough pushback to finally get some sort of satisfaction.
We will see for how long. This country is so screwed up,
No civilized nation should act this way, denying healthcare and safe clean drinking water to it's citizens, who have the potential to be harassed or even killed just walking down the street, by a militarized police force.
This is a weird place, it makes no sense.
The only thing that finally made some sort of sense to me was that the Native American people we have abused for centuries, finally have something to celebrate on their sacred land in North Dakota.That maybe, just maybe, there is still hope for the American people. That there is hope for the Native American people who live in abject poverty. That there may be justice in Detroit, for people still dealing with a massive water crises.
 However, until we all start getting real and stop thinking we are going to magically have a fair and just country, where basic human rights are inalienable, where all people are created equal and we stop pillaging this country of resources and trashing the entire planet with our insane out of control policies, while our government just takes what it wants whenever and where ever it sees fit.
There can be no justice.
This is just a step, but thousands of Native Americans and American veterans came together and something happened. I can only hope this is the beginning of real change. I hope they are all dancing and cheering in North Dakota. They deserve it. Thank you, for your courage.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Now President Trump?

What can you say about a bunch of politicians, so out of touch, that they didn't see this coming? Everyone I knew and some I didn't, said they were voting for Trump. New Jersey, the state I live in, went to Hillary. I suspect, that's because North Jersey, close to Wall Street voted for Clinton. The states closest to money making Silicon Valley, or defense contractor military states, went for Clinton. The problem is, most Americans aren't getting much benefit from corporate welfare, they have been feeling it since an economic crises that started a decade ago, sending them on a downward spiral most haven't recovered from. They are angry and frustrated.
That's where Trump got it.
As much as I'd have liked to vote for a woman for president, I wasn't going to do it, just because Hillary was a woman.
 I didn't vote for anyone.
These candidates were seriously lacking. It's not a choice. However, I do understand why my fellow Americans voted the way they did.
The problem is, I don't think Trump is going to make a difference for any of these Americans. I am trying to remember when a politician actually improved anything in an average Americans life. It's true you may be able to point to Obamacare, but now the premiums have gone up to an un-affordable level for too many Americans, so much for The Affordable Care Act.
What can you say about the MSM? How wrong they got it and pedaled their propaganda, not realizing people are onto them, we get our news from other sources. American's are tired of the lies.
The warmongering, the anti Russian sentiment trickling down from President Obama. Americans are war weary. We have had enough, especially after Obama's promises of ending Iraq and Afghanistan. It's still ongoing and we are interfering with Syria, Yeman, on and on. We are sick of spending our treasure in far flung countries we have no business being in. The Military Industrial Complex very existence depends on war and threats of war. I have no idea how Trump will stop The Pentagon war machine or if he'll even try. He's said he's going to go to war with ISIS, so it goes...What scares me isn't that Trump got elected, but before the election 300,000 NATO troops were put on high alert on the Russian border. Why? It's almost as if someone wants to push a button there, because they know Trump won't.
The fact is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, this happened before in 2000 with Al Gore. This only shows that perhaps the electoral college BS needs to go. If the popular vote doesn't matter then there's something seriously wrong, not that anything will change there. The way I seriously doubt that the corruption feeding government politicians is going to change under a Trump presidency.
There's some jubilation in America today, average Americans feel as if they have finally been heard. While those backing Clinton feel let down in this process, it's sad. Hope and change got us nowhere over the last 8 years. We have to look after ourselves. I doubt President Trump is going to be able to do what he says he will, especially with a Republican controlled House and Senate, who in the past have shown an unwillingness to spend any money that didn't help their corporate overlords.That's who's really in charge. Can President Trump change that? Would he even be willing to try? Until we get out of the hands of the shadow government that is really running things, nothing is going to change. Now that Republicans will be running the show, who will they blame if they don't improve the lives of the millions of Americans who voted for them?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If We Could Turn Back Time

 Last night I watched CNN with a friend of mine and good old Wolf Blitzer was interviewing a Republican congressman about Hillary Clinton and all the emails, he tried at least three times to get this "expert" to say the word Russia.
They haven't come out and said the Russian government has done anything, because they can't prove anything. I find it really weird that this tired old Cold War Russian boogieman is being used, again. Trump is in with the Russians, and they are trying to take down Hillary. Really? But if you watch CNN or Fox, I am pretty sure you probably think what Wolf Blitzer says or Sean Hannity says is true.
Whatever mainstream media plays out, seems far removed from reality for everyday Americans. I haven't talked to anyone when I am out getting my coffee who thinks about Russia at all, at least not anyone from my generation and younger. This Russian McCarthy era communism crap is over.
What I do hear is there is a great mistrust of Hillary. I live in a very Republican small New Jersey town. These people are angry and bitter and they are voting Trump. I haven't talked to anyone who wants to vote for Hillary. That will probably be the people in Northern New Jersey, closer to the epicenter of the ruling class, in New York City.
Everyday there are more leaks, more emails, more FBI, more Russia, maybe with some Syria thrown in for good measure, another place Americans are weary of.
 Rest assured, if Hillary is elected we will get more war, defense contractors will get wealthier. There is no way out of this vicious cycle. We need an enemy whether by proxy or direct confrontation. Wall Street needs to keep the banks propped up, that keep the oil industry investments going. Big oil will continue to pepper spray, tase and shoot rubber bullets, using National Guards paid for with the American peoples tax dollars, until they can find a way to disburse Native Americans and steal Treaty land, again. So it goes...
You just can't make this stuff up. Could you get a more dysfunctional government, incapable of governing? Then you are offered a "choice" of two of the most unlikable candidates ever, since maybe Herbert Hoover or President Polk, You are expected to swallow this poison in the voting booth. You can elect Hillary and maintain the status quo if you are content with that or vote for Trump and anything can happen, however, he doesn't want a war.
Really? We are using DST from OVER 50 years ago!
How is that progress?
Just to reinforce America's dysfunction, this weekend we have to set our clocks back an hour, in order to stay in the last century. I have already blogged more than once about this quaint tradition that we keep to because studies show that the retail industry makes more money with daylight savings time. No one likes it, no one wants to lose an hours time, but Americans just go along with it and don't even know why. It's a lot like voting. You don't really like or want either of these candidates, but you go and vote any way, wasting time that could be put to better use.
No thanks.
Nothing against Cher, but that's a weird war like propaganda vid on a battleship. Look at her sitting on that giant cannon!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Corporate Candidates, Consumer Walkaway

It's less than 2 weeks until the election. Americans are being asked to choose between the worst of both worlds. Corporations and their lobbies dictate our choices whether they are for candidates or consumption. They are consuming the American people and the country. Native Americans protest because their land been taken away, after being given to them in a treaty. We are all being cannibalized by elected officials who are owned by a shadow government beholden to none.
It is a Donner Party we allow ourselves to be party to.
Not anymore.
I have turned my back on consuming and corporations. The less I buy from corporations, the medical industry, the cable companies, the more freedom I have.
I make my own toothpaste from coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil. Without the dangerous fluoride waste added to every commercial brand. F-Colgate.
I make my own deodorant that my family and friends rave about because it smells better and it's less toxic than the aluminum loaded "choice" we are being
I make my own soaps and perfume, without any additives-no need to waste time going P.I. reading poisonous ingredients on a label.
There's a reason they call it "cancer on a shelf" Stop buying it!
There is a tiny house movement of people who have no desire for McMansions and want to live life off the grid.
People are foraging more now and herbalism has become an answer for many who have been poisoned by doctors pills,
Nature gives us plenty of remedies, if we just pay attention and get to know the land.
You don't have to live an expensive consumer lifestyle to have quality products you can make in your own home, with a little know how and creativity.
This is how I choose to spend my time now.
There isn't one political candidate who has improved the quality of my life since I started voting, way back in 1976. I choose to improve my own life, That won't happen wasting time in a voting booth.
We are on our own, That's not necessarily a bad thing.
We need to use the power of our purse to shut down the corporate monster that drives American culture and gives nothing back to the people. So stay tuned and I will show you how I live, it's easy! You can do it too! Power to the people!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

American Horror Story

 I guess we're all going to be kept in "suspense" for a while longer. Why not? It's almost Halloween!
It's an American Horror Story!
Since when have election results been unacceptable?
Like, maybe the 2000 election with Bush and Gore and hanging chads?
I guess we can just deal with this horror of an election, it's the right time of year for it.
In the span of a week Julian Assange has had his wifi shut down. Obama told Trump to "stop whining" Michael Moore, who was all in with Bernie, sold out to Hillary with a movie about how "progressive" she is, called "Trumpland" Maybe next to Trump she is, but she's no where near Bernie Sanders, We all know how the election was rigged against him. If Trump says the election is rigged I mean why not? The whole thing is a joke.
For the life of me, I just have no where left to go from here. From Donald Trump saying he just grabs woman, and quite a few saying he did, to Bill Clinton's womanizing, the Podesta Files and Hillary's Goldman-Sachs speechifying. I can't wait for it to be over.
I mean then what's going to happen? Nothing is going to change with either of these New York players in office.
So here's what I do instead of watching politicians lie; I work on an Autumn drawing
I make my own soap, I made this batch for Halloween;

I've been a whole lot more creative this election season. It's way more productive and satisfying!

Monday, October 10, 2016


Hey, it's Columbus Day! I guess maybe there are still people out there who don't know that Columbus had no idea where he was, almost 400 years ago. He raped and pillaged his way around the new continent. He wasn't the first one here. But this country's so dysfunctional, "we can't go back" and correct the lies and propaganda that have gone on for almost 400 years. There's no damn reason to keep going on with this con of Columbus and how courageous or whatever he was supposed to be, He took slaves, he murdered, he was looking for gold. But hey, there's a Columbus Day sale and "a sucker born every minute."
This country was born on a con. We conned the Native Americans out of their land and we still do it today. Slave owners conned a country into a Declaration of Independence where, "all men are created equal" We still have made no reparations to the people we enslaved, we just move onto the next con job.
It took over two hundred more years for a Civil Rights Act to be made into law.
Is it any surprise, that we have one of the biggest con men of all time, Trump, trumping us all?
 I was thinking, what is it about the collective conscious of some Americans that identifies with him so much? One of the archetypes I thought about was this guy; Henry the VIII
Grab thee a Tic-Tac?
The only reason Trump hasn't chopped off someone's head, is
it's against the law, but there doesn't seem to be any laws for Donald Trump. I bet if he could, a couple of his wives might be headless, instead of mindless.
Trump told Hillary "You would be in jail"
Kind of like off with your head!
So who is Hillary? She's no Elizabeth the 1st, Maybe we need to go further back to the Greeks; perhaps Persephone. I think maybe, she's closer to Margaret Thatcher. Truly frightening, Trump  and Hillary, I would never wan't to be near either of them. They are people I feel deeply uncomfortable with. How comfortable was anyone with last night's debate?
 It was just another con job,
There are so many aspects of America, that just aren't working at all. People know this on an instinctual level. I believe this is why many people, look at Trump as some kind of messiah figure. It's all surface. The people who will vote for Trump, don't care that he's got a supply of Tic-Tacs, in case he see's a woman he wants to grab.
Since the Bernie-backdown, others are left with Hillary, so it's a choice of yet another dynastic Presidency. That is some choice.
It seems appropriate that yesterday, on a Sunday, a Federal Court came out with a decision that the Dakota Access pipeline will continue. So the corporate control of this country will continue, we will continue to abuse Native Americans, like we always have. Like Columbus did when he "discovered" America.
The narrative in the mainstream media is will you vote for Trump or Hillary? Email dumps or #Trumptape? I don't hear any reporting on the people who refuse to watch this spectacle and call it a "choice." Only 9% of Americans chose Trump and Clinton. 88 million Americans don't vote at all.
57.5% of Americans voted in the last presidential election.
If I actually voted, I feel like I would be voting for the Dakota Access Pipeline or voting for Trump to continue not paying taxes, even though I pay.
 Clinton will continue on with a Syrian War and droning other countries, maybe even a war with Russia. You might as well vote for the Pentagon. We know the government is way beyond giving a damn about Americans, let alone act like a functional government. I am not consenting to the American governments actions and that's why I am not voting, there's millions more like me who want nothing to do with accepting the unacceptable. It's a con.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Accidentally At War?

Two people, Hillary and Trump.
We are actually supposed to believe that is what this so-called election is about? Hillary's deleted emails and Trump's misogynist tape?
 Not even close.
Here's the set-up; on Friday, (why is it always on a Friday?) three things happened. First, was an email dump, then almost simultaneously, President Obama comes out with a seriously weird accusation against Russia, notice the details, he didn't name Putin, it's just "Russian officials". Then we have a #Trumptape, the media has known about for over a decade, this is released on Friday too.
Are we really supposed to believe this is random?
Because it's not.
The scariest thing isn't that moronic Trumptape, because anyone who didn't seriously know how Trump behaves is probably an entitled white male who thinks abusing women is a game. I've spent my entire life fighting off these clowns, it's nothing new. Another thing that's not new?
How about a war with Russia?
Like I have been predicting for years now, war is on the horizon, I don't need a magic 8 ball to tell me that either. If you are a defense contractor, or you own shares in Raytheon, Boeing, Blackwater, Lockheed, Northrup, Booze-Allen, you are part of the problem.
We have surrounded Russia with troops and arms and Georgia will be next, come winter. You have to ask the question, who profits from this? How many people have to die?
Clapper off!
First, lets take on Mr. Clapper, who is the fallguy for this Russian accusation. He is a known liar and told the Senate that the NSA did not collect information on millions of Americans, he committed
perjury and of course, was never prosecuted. On his say so, we aren't even supposed to question if
Clapper is lying about this 'Russian intelligence" accusation. How stupid do they think we are?
The irony of the NSA spying on people and leaders worldwide, then, Obama gets pissed off because someone might be doing it to us? Hey, here's an idea; let's mind our own business in America and none of this would be happening. It's ludicrous and insulting. Hillary Clinton carries water for Obama, this Russian b.s. won't stop once she gets into office.
Then there's Secretary of State, John Kerry, it boggles the mind what he says about Russia;"Russia and Syria Must Face War Crimes Investigations" Who is he kidding? Has he heard about the WMD lies that we told to invade Iraq, not to mention the U.S torture, flouting the Geneva Convention? We don't have a leg to stand on accusing any country of war crimes. So why do you think he's doing it? Another reason to go to war with Russia no matter how flimsy it is.
Why? Why now?
Could it be that the fear of having Trump in office during a time of war might scare people off Trump? Suddenly, there's a sexist tape released that could have been shown at any time, but yesterday, when those emails of Hillary's came out all of this sh*tstorm came about like some kind of cosmic accident. The oligarchy wants Hillary, they want a war, they don't care how they get it. Even if Trump got in there, he'd have to tow the line like Obama did when he got elected in 2008 and reneged on every promise he ever made. I bet that if things look bleak for Hillary, a very  disliked candidate, Obama will push the war button, it's been building up since the U.S. failed Ukraine coup.
None of this is an accident.
Hillary's emails and Donalds #Trumptape, it's a distraction, that's all. It's bread and circuses. But war with Russia is no joke. We are poking a bear. It's all the proof we need to know that the Oligarchy and the Pentagon are charging down a dangerous road no one in this country want's to go down. China will have Russia's back in this. The forces running this country don't care. We will be the one's caught in the cross hairs of this exercise in futility. But hey, if war is your thing, vote, then see what happens.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kardashians and Clowns

Just Like the NSA
I can't be sure, but I think maybe people are catching up and catching on.
For a long time now, I have been blogging about a world at odds with itself. Mainly, my world in the United States.
I am trying to understand how we got to a place where clowns cause panic and Kim Kartrashian the icon of foolishness, is a clown people can't stop looking at.
 Kim Kartrashian gets robbed and it's a major headline. She plasters her selfies with millions of dollars in jewelry all over & shocker! She's robbed. It's front page news!
We have clowns, dangerous clowns, luring children God knows where, it's eerily familiar since we  had a serial killer in a clown costume, years ago. The mainstream media  is an epic fail reporting on trivia and abdicating their positions to investigate anything worth noticing because they have been bought and sold by corporations. So we get Kartrashians and clowns.
 Instead of Kartrashians and clowns, some people are taking a serious look at what's happening with the US election and how it devolved into the farce it is. There was an article in the Guardian (read here) that basically said what I have been saying for years. He writes that you can't rely on Hillary Clinton for fixing this country's problems, when President Obama has done nothing about the very things Hillary says she will fix. Furthermore, he takes away the tired old trope that Obama's got a belligerent congress-because he didn't at the start. He had a mandate from the American people to take us on a different course. What did we get? More of the same.
President Obama has done nothing to take on the bankers and is determined to ram the TPP deal down the throats of Americans. Then there's the truly awful Obamacare gift to the health insurance industry. We have a war of drones and a proxy war with Russia in Syria that looks to be getting weirder everyday. Why are we over there? What business is it of ours? Defense contractors.
 If President Obama has so much power and made so many promises, why didn't he follow through?
Politicians lie all the time and it's a given, what's weird is we take it for granted that they are liars and we still vote for these creatures. We act like there's some kind of choice. When you are presented with an entrenched politician like Hillary Clinton who is campaigning on some of the very things that Obama promised and never did and the other choice is a sexist blowhard, who's clearly unhinged. How is that a choice? It's like voting for Kim Kartrashian or a creepy psychopath clown.
The Pentagon paid a PR firm $540 million to produce propaganda for the Iraq War, that's just one instance we know about. Then we are nickeled and dimed over food stamps or Social Security we have paid into, but there's no problem spending money on endless war. We don't get a say in and we certainly don't vote for it.
Go ahead and keep voting. The clowns running for president get their marching orders from someone other than the American people. The Senate and Congress and corporations are in lockstep and voting won't change that. Michael Moore had an excellent explanation for the rise of Donald Trump. He said the American people want to use Donald Trump like a Molotov Cocktail and they are hoping he's going to blow up the government. But he won't. He won't be able too.
All we need is for the 100th monkey to figure out what's going on. If we can just get people to wake up and realize they are caught up in a system of propaganda, voting for hope and change, make America great again or we are stronger together with Hillary, is futile.
Wake up. People have to stop voting for some kind of messiah. Stop voting altogether. Stop being part of a system that is false. Why waste your energy? Driving from your stressful job, racing to take care of your family and pay your bills and you are supposed to find time to vote for liars? What if there's a hanging chad? What if your machine is rigged or hijacked by software? Seriously, hanging on to this civic duty of voting, while no politician feels any civic duty towards the people. I seriously can't believe how concerned people are about this election. Get real, be the 100th monkey and walk away. Then they will be out of a job and nothing they say or do will matter because no one will care. There will be no more Fox news or CIA/CNN, the war on "terror" will vanish, politicians are the actual terrorists, causing mayhem wherever they go.
No one we vote for is going to save us, we have to save ourselves.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Change We Can Believe In

I would like to know who President Obama is working for?
 He vetoed the 9/11 bill for the families of 9/11 terrorist attack to sue the Saudi government. For the first time lawmakers in the Senate over rode a Presidential veto. Mostly because they are scared out of their wits they will be voted out of their jobs so close to this election. At least for the families, they may be getting some justice, at last. Thanks to them and the pressure brought to bear for the 9/11 Commission and the release of the 28 pages, we know more. Maybe this is change we can believe in.
Think back to immediate days after 9/11, who was allowed to fly out of the country? Saudi's, that's who. Who are one of the biggest contributors of the Clintoon Foundation? (That Clintoon thing is a typo, but seems appropriate) That's right, Saudi's. Who's got lobbies fighting to vote down the 9/11 Bill in the Senate? Saudi's, isn't that disturbing, knowing a foreign country influences our affairs through bribery?
Maybe, just maybe, people will be suing the US for the torture, drone killings and black ops sites, for war crimes. Maybe just maybe, if war costs a whole lot more, the endless war economy will grind to a halt.
That is going to be  a big problem because the US is a war economy.
Which one of us, has ever voted for war?
Speaking of voting,
I guess people thought I would come out swinging about the debate. Did he need a tissue?

Breaking News!
As I was writing this blog, the House passed the 9/11 Bill. How has something managed to get done so quickly? For years this country has been stagnant and ineffective, this is an historic day. I hope the families of those who died in 9/11 get what they need, maybe even some closure. I can only hope that the Bush's and Clinton's friends, get what's coming to them, the Bush's, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the lot of them are hauled into court some day soon for what they've done.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Poisoning The Well

You just can't make this stuff up.
Wells Fargo CEO testified before congress this week, for fraud. Thousands of credit card accounts were opened, fraudulently. Elizabeth Warren told Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf to resign. Will he? Nope.
Then there's the Queen of the EpiPen, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch, jacking up the price 500% of a life saving shot, but it's just business.

Another shooting in North Carolina, by a cop and now there's more protests, one protester is dead.
I doubt anything will happen to the cop, Just like these CEO's, it's just business.
There was a shooting at a mall in Washington State, so that's 5 more people who have died.
Just another mass shooting in this Bipolar country I live in.
Monday night we are going to be treated to a display of candidates running for president, no one seems to want or like. What kind of choice is that?  After praying and begging God to smite Donald Trump, Ted Cruz decides he's all in with Trump now. The only person who cares about what Cruz is doing is Cruz,
Meanwhile, back in Ocean County where I live, we have been treated to the news that the water that flows through our taps has Chromium 6 in it and it's way over California's safety standards and best of all I get to pay $148 a quarter for poison I can't drink.
Does anyone think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton gives a damn about clean drinking water in New Jersey? I think of what the people in Flint, Michigan are still dealing with and all I can come up with is a big NO. With a basic problem like clean drinking water for Americans, no candidate thinks is an issue, why the hell would you vote for either of them? They don't care! It's not an accident, poisoning a water supply is a tactic used since Roman times, to diminish an opponents strength.
Look at the map, it is not a regional problem it's the entire country!
I was at my friends house the other night, the husband likes Trump, but his wife doesn't like either candidate, she doesn't know who to vote for. She say's if she doesn't vote, then she can't complain.
Oh really? I want to see that rule, is it a law? Where does this idea come from? When you are presented with a "choice" that is picking which poison, well, I've got enough in my local water supply, no need to cast a vote.
When you see corruption at every level of politics and corporate behavior that is criminal with no accountability. Police shooting unarmed people and crazy people who have guns shooting up public places, then, when you need to take an aspirin for the headache you've got. you can't even get a glass of water because it's polluted.
 Is anyone even seriously questioning exactly what Trump or Hillary will do to fix any of these problems? Because it's not going to happen. These people mix in the same social circle, think they are different? They aren't! They will be serving the same master. They certainly do not care about you or me in Nowheresville, USA.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Is Nothing Sacred?

I have been trying to unravel the disgraceful actions of the security "service" that attacked Native Americans, on their own land. This land was stripped from them in 1958, without their permission, when the Army Corp of Engineers built dams flooding hundreds of thousands of acres of their land. The Army Corp of Engineers are at it again, it helped to build a pipeline that will be owned by ETP, Energy Transfer Partners. The security firm ETP hired, is called G4S. They have a history of abuse, death and mayhem going back decades. Our tax dollars are funding this outrage, with the Army Corp of Engineers.
 First, lets get into a little about Energy Transfer Partners, you know who owns them? John Major's & Tony Blair's Carlyle Group. (read SEC filing here.) It never ceases to amaze me, how this company has it's tentacles everywhere. Also, ETP has donated over $500,000 to the Republican Party. For a more detailed amount of bribes from ETP to the government read here.
What really got me was the so called, "security" dressed in t-shirts and baseball hats like they were having a casual day out walking their dogs, dogs that attack people. Also, don't forget the pepper spray. G4S, used to be a company based in Florida called Wackenhut, founded by former FBI Agents ("if you want a dirty job done, call Wackenhut"), it was bought by a Danish firm and now, it's worldwide mercenary "security" force with a horrendous reputation for abuse.
G4S was stripped of it's contract for the 2012 summer Olympics, it has a litany of inappropriate, violent behavior sometimes with deadly results. They have been used from the West Bank, to Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, now here they are harassing Native Americans. Even Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had to pull their money out of this notorious company. So now they are here wreaking havoc on our indigenous population.
The government is using eminent domain to force landowners to give up their land for a pipeline no one seems to want. Though President Obama visited the Sioux Reservation in 2014, he is strangely silent about what is occurring now. Bulldozers came through and plowed over sacred burial sites (did they not see Poltergeist?) in an attempt to destroy any evidence that would make it harder for the pipeline to be built and more difficult for Native Americans to prove their ancestors were buried there, They basically defiled a cemetery, imagine if your relatives were there. This is what we do and have done for hundreds of years, it's a damn disgrace, all for oil. Wars, we have fought for over a decade,  now once again, we are making war on the original people who were here long before us.
So, where is the Bureau For Indian Affairs in all this? Aren't they supposed to be protecting Native Americans?
 For a long time, no one paid much attention to reservations, until it was found out there were valuable metal or oil resources on it, then corporate eminent domain shuts down and shuts out Native Americans.
If you would like to help the Sioux Nation;

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Greatest Wall of Them All

Lo Siento, Mexico! The Great Big Wall seems to be Trump's go-to. (read about it here.) It's not exactly original, there have been other walls in other times. Maybe it would benefit us to look at the greatest wall of them all; The Great Wall of China.
This wall goes back as far as 7th century (BCE) China, built to stop raids of  "various nomadic groups", there were actually several walls that were eventually joined together. The wall was also used for Silk Road regulation, as well as border control. The Great Wall would be used again and again. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the wall was used to stop the Manchu invasions, began about 1600, it took 44 years for the Manchus to successfully overtake the Great Wall, as they had been busting through portions of it for quite some time. By the time the Manchu's established their own dynasty, they had appropriated the Great Wall, for migration control.
The Great Wall didn't really work in the long run. It is curious that these are ancient problems and building a wall is so basic, here we are in 2016, with a politician telling us he'll build a wall and Mexico will pay for it, only they won't really know they are. The Art of the Wall Deal? Is that how it works?

There was another wall, Hadrian's Wall, that Rome built, like Rome, it wasn't built in a day! The purpose of this wall? To separate the Romans from the "Barbarians" (read indigenous people) some reasons speculated for this wall seem to be much like China's Great Wall. it was for regulation and taxation, After Hadrian's death, there was a new Emperor, Antonius Pius who, decided he needed a new (you guessed it) wall! This would be the Antonine Wall in Scotland, why would he need another
wall? What could possibly go wrong? After all, Hadrian's Wall worked out so well. This was no ordinary stone fortified wall, this was made out of turf. Seems that building materials were under some kind of austerity budget, however, this wall and it's many forts, could not conquer the northern tribes and so was abandoned. Marcus Aurelius thought to go back to Hadrian's Wall and start over. The back and forth from wall to wall happened again, with Septimius Sevarus who tried to use the old Antonine Wall which was a disaster made from sod. The Roman Military Industrial Complex clearly was running out of cash, by the 4th century Roman rule was all but over in Britain owing to many conflicts and foreign debacles that helped the fall of Rome, fall even more and the walls were eventually abandoned.
It seems that Donald Trump is not much of a student of history. Walls have been built all over the world, they start out as some sort of method of defense, but really end up as a way to regulate and tax the flow of goods and people who are moving through countries. Notice, there's no mention of a "Great Wall" to be built between Canada and the US. Canadians don't want any parts of immigrating, legally or illegally. It's economic refugees coming into our country after we have fiddled around and caused coups to happen in so many Central and South Americans governments, I have lost track. The insane Drug War causing gang activity, money laundering and violence. In 2015, Trump called for the legalization of all drugs, as far as I could read in Trumps speech yesterday, he didn't mention legalizing drugs. Just build a  Great Wall and that will solve all your problems, history teaches us, that people who are determined enough, find a way to get around or get over walls or the maintenance of them will bankrupt a country already stretched too thin. This is nothing new, it is a retrograde of an idea and once again shows a serious lack of creativity, which is what I look for in a leader and why I won't be voting. Make America great again, with a wall. No thanks.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Greater Of Two Evils

I'm not sure where to start.
Photo from Daily Kos
First, Louisiana had a biblical thousand year flood, then Donald Trump went there with  some Play-Doh. This looked pretty strange. It turns out, he donated a tractor trailer full of supplies, not just toys, but this was the picture that went viral. President Obama, is on vacation, much like George W was during Hurricane Katrina. The consensus was that the Governor of Louisiana neither wanted Trump nor President Obama to visit too soon, because he was trying to concentrate on helping the people of Baton Rouge.  (You can donate here to help) He doesn't have time to deal with dignitaries. Trump was gonna barrel through and do whatever he wanted. President Obama, in his usual show of restraint, waited. I hope the people in Louisiana get  whatever help they need, I know a little about floods after surviving Hurricane Sandy. Here, in New Jersey, a story broke about Trump getting a $25 million dollar tax break, paying out only $5 million for his tax bill on his casinos. It must be nice. I suspect that Jersey is bankrupt and that deal is one of the reasons why. Do they project the budget with these full amounts of taxes actually paid? One wonders. Thanks, Christie
Trump made a big show of making an apology this week, that wasn't really an apology. Sorry, not sorry. But I do think it's interesting, this shift. He's obviously been told to tone it down and his new campaign manager is known for helping politicians, get women's vote. Yeah, good luck with that.
The NYT broke the story that Trump is $650 million in debt, if that's true. I wonder how much that will resonate to loads of people upside down on their mortgages, maxed out on their credit cards. Once upon a time, the Clinton's were in very bad shape too, thanks to The Clinton Foundation, that's a thing of the past.
If you want to break up the monotony, have a look at the FED's new Facebook page. What could possibly go wrong? Hilarity ensues when hundreds of commentator's take out their ire on these entitled jerks who sit in their gilded cages not knowing what to do next, because we all know they have run out of options, the "recovery" is a Wall Street recovery.
What's up with Hillary? I haven't an idea, I guess she has ads plastered all over the TV, but I don't have one so I don't know. The polls say she has a comfortable lead. She's had a few Republicans running away from Trump to join her. She has flip-flopped on the horrendous TPP trade deal. If she's anything like Obama she'll just continue on with his plans. She's going to say all the right things and then turn around and do what the Shadow Government tells her too; next.
Then we have The Greens, Jill Stein, who will probably not even be "allowed " to debate, She will probably continue to be shut down along with Gary Johnson in our "Democratic" election. You can either vote for the status quo, or the Orange man, both of which are corrupt to the core.
For me, the highlight of the week was an Anarchist group's multiple statues of Trump, a variation of the "Emperor's New Clothes"

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Land Of Weird

Another week that makes no sense in the Land of Weird.
The ongoing political diversion between Trump and Hillary, more bread and circuses and the theme that is most evident, that you have to vote the lesser of "two evils", or Trump can't get near the "nuclear codes" the expectation is that you vote, not because you approve of a certain candidate but because you are more afraid of the other one.
Is it really 2016 and this is what it's come to? Your choice is the Orange Boogeyman or the corrupt
D.C. insider, making similar promises that we heard in 2008.
The Russians are coming! Let's see who's working with the Russians? First there's Trump, who's "relationship" with the Kremlin is "revealing itself by the day." Is it? Is it really? While Clinton Foundations relationship with Saudi Royals isn't suspicious at all. Then we have the leaked DNC emails that were blamed on Russians giving Wikileaks the emails. Read all about it here. Everyone's a tool for Russia. including the Green Party's Jill Stein, now I've heard it all.
There was a long anticipated decision coming out of the Drug Enforcement Agency about marijuana staying  illegal, a schedule 1 drug. Such a surprise, since legalisation would mean a lot less work for the DEA, so of course, a drug that has never killed anyone, is still as dangerous as heroin. What was interesting was President Obama's commuting 214 sentences for people jailed with harsh, sometimes even life in prison for drug convictions. I am sure this was planned to coincide, with the DEA's decision to continue to terrorize a dope smoking, sedated population, keeping prisons populated and courtrooms clogged. We're number 1! Not much hope or change there, I'm afraid.
I didn't watch much of the Olympics, the amount of poverty and disease outside of the Olympic "village" is another part of the toll the Olympics takes on the disenfranchised. I did read that four members if the U.S Olympic Swim team, were robbed at gunpoint, it doesn't surprise me, this third world Rio, where the have not's have very little. the Brazilian slums will be left to rot and it's people with it, while billions will be made by for-profit's and non-profits and broke athletes go home, hoping to parlay a career from their success or fade away. It's an Olympic fairy tale, we're still number one!
My favorite nugget of wisdom about the Olympics?
                                              Thanks Bill, for keeping things in perspective.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Curiouser and Curiouser

Down the political rabbit hole we go. Just when you think the Republican party was about as worthless as can be, suddenly a Republican comes out of the political closet, who must seem crazy to most of the women hating, racist, lunatics running the Republican asylum. His name is Richard Hanna (R-NY)  he came out and said he's going to vote for Hillary and that Trump is unfit to run the country. I immediately became suspicious wondering what this fellow was on? Has he been hanging out with Alice's friend, Caterpillar? It's not lost on me that Hanna is representing New York, the same state Hillary represented in the Senate.
In his Op-Ed it says his reason for deciding to go along with Hillary is the Trump reaction to the Gold Star parents of Middle Eastern origin who lost their son in the Iraq War. Hanna is of Lebonese descent. it seems as though Trump's comment was the key for Mr. Hanna to go thru the door to the Democrats, skipping out on the GOTea Party, probably the "stupidest party" he's ever been to. Defecting to the Democrats, on the surface, could be a career ending mistake. However, in the U.S. "Caucus racing" is common, it's a never ending circle, just like being a politician is a never ending position. Worry not.
 Now Mr. Hanna is in an altogether different kind of party, but what kind of Republican is he?  Well, he's a member of The LGBT Equality Caucus, heaven forbid! He's never signed Grover Norquist's paper, He supported same sex marriage and The Equal Rights Amendment, I'm confused. He doesn't seem like the kind of Republican who thinks time has stopped in 1899 and acts like it too. It seems as if this is some kind of game, you can play the Republican and act like a Democrat or a Democrat acting like a Republican!
What's the point of this election when you have people saying one thing but doing another? How can you tell who you should vote for? It's a bit like a "Mock Turtle". It's made of everything but turtle maybe, there should be a thing called a Mock Republican and a Mock Democrat!
    What about Trump? Is he a Mock Republican or is he a Orange Marmalade Cheshire Cat and the only thing you can see is his big head, I mean hair. What exactly is he showing us? Whatever it is doesn't look very attractive.
People seem to act like a pack of cards taking orders from the queen, while the Cheshire Cat appears to say things out of thin air and disappears again. Who are you going to vote for the Queen of No one's Hearts or the Cheshire Cat? While Republicans don't say anything about the Cheshire Cat, but have plenty to say about the Queen who acts just like them.The Queens followers think she's just like them and are sure to be surprised when she ends up being a Mock Democrat.
 Now, if you will excuse me, I'm off to play croquet with live Flamingo's since that makes more sense than this election.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sleeping Bill

Yeah Bill, I know your feels. I couldn't deal with watching Hillary's rigged election speech either.
I just read it the next day. First I saw pictures of Chelsea and I am not sure who won the angelic daughter competition her or Ivanka?
Then there was the whole "stick it to the King" part of the speech, Oh, I get it Hillary, we all do. (did she really have to go there?)
One of the highlights was when she mentioned Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So revered by Bill Clinton, that he repealed The Banking Act if 1933 (known as Glass-Steagle) Roosevelt signed into law, to get the country back to recovery, where I've heard we are now! Happy Days are here again!
 Hillary also invoked a special Roosevelt platitude"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"
I don't care what she says. What would Roosevelt have done if his chairperson of the DNC rigged the election and suppressed the delegates for the competition? There was plenty of controversy around good old "Feather Duster" Roosevelt's election, he couldn't get his own campaign manager a seat at the convention, even though he was the chairman of the states Democratic Party. It's a good thing they didn't have emails back then. I think his third term looked more like a power grab than his first and we would never have another President sitting for a third term since.
This is video of the Bernie Sanders delegates walking out 2 nights ago. Last night, I did see some video on  a Sanders delegate Facebook page where the delegates seats were "reserved" so delegates couldn't sit in them, from Facebook;
If you scroll down Edens page, you will find a lot of shade thrown on the Bernie delegates. There isn't much from last night on Youtube, but I saw plenty on Facebook.
I am not a Sanders supporter, I don't have a dog in this fight. But I do know this election was rigged.
What is truly shocking is all the fear, fear, fear, of Trump, when we already have someone who is running, also, by any means necessary. Whoever thinks, she seems more "sane" than Trump should think again. She's already out of control, accepting a nomination rigged in her favor. Here's the rest of her speech, if you can stomach it;
I can't spend a beautiful Friday on Hillary, you shouldn't either.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ceiling Breaker Not A Change Maker

I was having some fun last night with this image of Hillary Clinton;
I was breaking this image down to explain what is going on here. When I saw this I thought about it for a long time. This is a very powerful image. None of it is random. Yes, I know, it's her breaking the glass ceiling, At least on the surface,
The first thing I noticed were those two glowing lights that looked like stars. It looks similar to a crown. The other thing is her use of the color red, We know the Chinese people revere the color
red, it is powerful to them. Red is a lucky color, red attracts wealth. If you think that only people in the US are watching these conventions you would be wrong. This is entertainment and I am sure people and leaders of other countries are having drinks and laughing at us, But I doubt they would laugh at this image.
Let's talk about the Egyptian Goddess Isis
 This Goddess represents the Mother Moon, faithfulness, love, inner beauty. I don''t know if this is what Hillary's consultants were going for, but ISIS is an archetype, she's like the original 'family values" Goddess, don't think for a minute, these people aren't aware that these archetypes exist in our subconscious. They know this. They use it to their advantage, that image of Hillary Clinton, disturbed me for a long time. When you look at when that screen explodes, that is a very aggressive, almost destructive symbology, It is a glass ceiling and it isn't. I immediately thought of the Goddess Kali, The Destroyer;
Take a good look at that necklace she's wearing, Did you see all those men on that glass ceiling? Think about it. Kali is the divine mother, she stands on her consort and he just lets her do whatever she wants. Sounds about right. She is the Goddess of time, creation, destruction and power. When I saw that screen "break" like that, this was the first thing I thought of, and yes Hillary probably already does have the power to destroy, like she destroyed Bernie Sanders campaign. I doubt Wasserman-Schultz came up with her plans in a vacuum. Hillary knew all about it and quite possible ordered it. She then elevated her cohort to an honorary chairperson. There were no consequences, She walks all over conventional rules and boundaries, destroying ethics and integrity, She does what she wants. I think it's funny no one worries about her getting the "nuclear codes" because I do.
What disturbed me the most about that image of Hillary, was the people that were standing below that screen where the holographic pieces were tumbling onto. I immediately thought, that is what happened to the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, everywhere our bombs go. She's telling you in that image that she might be a woman but don't think she can't make war like a man.
A lot of women are celebrating this historic moment, I am happy if women now feel they have a shot at being President, I just don't have any feelings about Hillary. We haven't had a lot of female leaders, we haven't had any in America, so you have to look at Margret Thatcher and what a treacherous woman she was, Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir, You could count them on one hand. That's why when we get a woman in an office like the President, ways of wielding power need to shift. We have a very violent country and we are seen as violent people. It needs to change and I think some feminine energy would benefit this country, I know the first thing I would do if I got in an office like that, I would make a giant works program to clean up this planet and if people wanted to go to other countries and help, I would pay for them to go there.
 I would make friends with every country we've been enemies with and create a Peace Foundation. Nato and the UN forget it, they have proven ineffective. Third thing is food insecurity. Every nation would be involved. Fourth is eliminate poverty first at home then everywhere. I would create a program called Poverty-Go. (lol)
I would have a Secretary of Art and we would have museums and galleries in every town. Also a Secretary of Music, with performers playing everywhere that people wanted to hear them, all government subsidized, so a starving artist would be a thing of the past. Starvation of any kind would be frowned on. Yeah, I mean no more starving models either, it's repulsive. We need to heal our sick culture with music and art, and books, there would be a Secretary of Books and Writing. This is just a start. Can you imagine the moaning and complaining about these ideas? Oh yeah, Pot would be legal nationally and I would shut down plastic and convert everything to hemp. I would shut down the banking industry, and every empty foreclosed home would be given back to the rightful owner, if they didn't want it, it would go to a homeless person, These are things, that I guarantee you won't see Hillary doing. She is not a visionary leader, Until we get someone thinking outside of the male dominated, aggressive, testosterone, adrenaline fueled paradigm I can guarantee that the "Change Maker" isn't going to change a thing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Change Maker"

More Like Money Maker
Where have I heard this before? "Change Maker" Did hope and change turn into "Change Maker?" Bill Clinton said Hillary was the best darn "Change Maker" he's ever known. Really? What has she ever changed? She wouldn't even get a divorce from her husband after he had multiple affairs. She voted to go to war with Iraq. She gave a disgraced DNC official an honorary chair in her campaign and that's a "Change Maker?' What kind of creepy double speak is that?
I only watched some of the livestreamed DNC, yesterday. I saw the Bernie delegates walk out of the convention. They feel betrayed and I don't blame them, in a way, but Bernie going all in with the Democrats was predicted long ago by Chris Hedges at Truthdig. I don't know how Bernie could start a revolution with a bang and then kind of slink away, telling everyone to vote for someone as slimey as Hillary. I don't know if there has ever been a time when two very disliked, unpopular people have run for president before. No one likes either of these choices. Yet this is the "choice" which isn't a choice at all.
It get's to the point where you can't listen to this garbage anymore.
I don't know how long the Democratic infomercial went on last night, I threw out my TV years ago.
The last thing I want to see is Chelsea Clinton and her Goldman Sachs hedge fund husband, clapping wildly, for her corrupt parents that foot the bill for her lifestyle. Now a bunch of Republicans have asked the IRS to investigate The Clinton Foundation. They have investigated this woman so many times, it's like she's Teflon. All the emails Wikileaks released did nothing, she just continues to get on with her agenda. I think it's kind of creepy that Hillary was in New York while everyone was in Philly nominating her, and she appeared like a disembodied apparition on video.
 In 2008 Barack Obama made a "surprise" appearance with Joe Biden when he was nominated. So I don't get why she wasn't there? What does that say? Was she tired and she needed to take a bath in her own bath tub the night she got nominated? It doesn't make sense that she wouldn't have run on stage and hugged Bill or whatever. I guess she was practicing her big speech for tonight, because she's a change maker and she's going to tell us all about the things she's going to change.
 It's a joke and from what I can see, She's alienated so many people. she is so out of touch. Hillary is not a likeable candidate, I really think they may have miscalculated, not understanding (or refusing to) and Bernie supporters will vote for Trump or flock to the Green Party's Jill Stein.
I can't imagine what she could possibly say to struggling Americans, who are angry and sick of the status quo, to make them believe she will be the Chief Maker OF Change "Change Maker" You think they'd want to get away from the whole "hope and change" thing since nothing did. It's not very clever and shows a lack of insight and creativity. Maybe that's the point. They don't have any.